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Friday, 28 February 2014

A Gentleman

Three heavy handbags filled with the world best cosmetics and skincare products, two baskets filled with groceries. Now my friend Sidra and I had to grab some snacks for the long drive home. The store was packed with customers, busy and noisy as always. 
Purchasing cosmetics isn't child’s play; trust me it’s more like a war. You go to buy your favorite brands with carefully selected items but the salesgirl convinces you to buy something entirely different. Sweet talk suddenly turns into a battlefield between holding your grounds or to change your beliefs.

However after a long while we returned as victorious warriors who were terribly exhausted and extremely hungry. We were rushing to the cash counter, seconds later we found ourselves facing enormous rows of chilled drinks.
I picked Nescafe Coffee Can as usual while Sidra picked a cold drink. I asked her about chocolates but she persisted on chips instead. So I picked my favorite chips pack effortlessly. Oh why on earth someone would prefer chips over chocolates and how come I followed? See how tired I must have been.

I was loaded up with so much stuff that the only option left was to walk towards the counter but I waited for Sidra. She on the other hand couldn't even find her favorite chips pack.
Right opposite to the chips shelves was a guy standing, maybe for promotion of a brand I guess. Although I doubt that as he was standing in open space. Just a random guy with average looks, in his mid twenties. Not wearing a uniform so definitely he wasn't an employee of the store. Nor was he a customer because customers don’t come in a three piece suits acting like a gentleman, standing in the same place doing nothing but smiling. That was different.

When Sidra asked me to search for her favorite flavor, surprisingly this guy quickly steps forward pointing at the chips she required. Since Sidra couldn’t even reach for it she asked him to hand it over to her. This man in black suit quickly steps back. We both girls looked at him in plain shock. My friend repeated her request this time more politely to help her get the chips.
He shortly replied shrugging his shoulders, “Pick it up.”
His tone was polite yet it sounded so harsh to me. I gave him a straight face look and he grinned in response as if we were kidding.

Looked around; there was no one nearby who could have helped. This store is always overcrowded, but unfortunately this part of the store is mostly deserted.
So I raced to the nearest cash counter leaving Sidra right there, dropped all my stuff at the idle counter and hurried back to help my friend. I came back to find her in a crazy position.
She looked like a greedy Baby Monster attacking on chips shelves but kind of stuck up in between. Right next to her stood this gentleman in black suit smiling cheaply at her helplessness. Ignoring the guy, I stopped her and grabbed two chips packs then helped her to the counter.

When we are safe and sound standing at the counter I asked her again in a shocking tone,
“He didn't help?”
She vigorously shook her head in negative. We both turned to look back at where he was standing. He was still there looking at us with the same smirk set on his face. I gave him one last glare at which he shyly lowered his eyes still smiling.

No matter what the reason may be but he should have helped. I mean what kind of a person would not have? If he couldn't help or was so unconcerned why did he show his concern in the first place? Big Mistake! Guys who don’t intend to help tired ladies at shopping malls should just stay away.

I learned two lessons that day; one: Not everyone who dresses like a gentleman is a gentleman. Two: No matter how tired you are, NEVER forget to grab a Chocolate bar! =)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Falling in LOVE...

I stand on top of the skyscraper like a superhero when I take the fall. Falling in love is exactly like falling from a highest building. I immerse in those glistening silver clouds; the soft smooth winds make me float like a carefree eagle. The comforting breeze runs through me as if I am transparent.  It generates an intense feeling of happiness, the type of happiness only a child get. It is innocent, naive and pure in nature. On the contrary it is not ephemeral but rather infinite and continuous. Your tremendous care makes me believe the whole world is deeply in love with me. Little by little each day this abundant concern and attention will bloom and nurture our love.

Suddenly the weightlessness starts to fade unexpectedly; as some heavy burdens begins to weigh us down. These depressing forces are all the little fights, the doubts, and the unsolved problems. Most crucial constituent of it are our fears. This massive outrageous negativity begins to burn the wings of the angel.

When we got low enough, lost our wings then gravity started its work. The gravity being the hurdles and crisis we face in love. This gravity pulls me down to earth so fast while I was still quite unaware of the outcomes. It grew stronger each passing day and dragged me down faster. In the end all I could do was to give up and obey.

Shortly I hit the ground. I hit the ground so hard that I don’t find myself in one piece. My soul is crushed and shattered in little pieces scattered all over the place. The ground I lay on is black and deserted. It is unusually quiet; deaf, dumb, blind and senseless. It ends here.

Maybe someday I will get strength enough to take this fall again. Till then I lie here numb. The good part is true love only grows you even if it leaves you. True love ignites the light in you forever, it never destroys. If you are ready to take the falls watch for these mistakes. Remember to stay weightless, and keep flying. True love is extremely rare these days; once you find it don’t lose it.