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Pakistan meets Mexico

Where are you from? What language do you speak?
I’m from Mexico. I speak Mexican Spanish.

What is the difference between Mexican Spanish and that of the Spain?
There are only a few differences between the Spanish of Mexico and of the Spain. The Spanish of Mexico is known as a Mexican or Latin Spanish, although the Spanish language is not officially recognized as their official language. The Spanish spoken in Spain is commonly known as Castilian Spanish from Spain Castile, that is their official language, the most significant differences are only a few words.
For example in Mexico to say car is: “carro” and in spain it’s “ coche”, also in Mexico to say potato is "papa" and in Spain it’s "patata".
The computer in Mexico: "computadora" and in Spain it’s "ordenador". In Mexico to say child is: "niño" and in Spain "crio o chaval".
In summary the Spanish spoken in Mexico and the Spanish spoken in Spain there are two differences: different accent when speaking and only a few words.

Umm… Okay, moving on. Is it true Mexican’s eat spicy food like here in Pakistan? What is the most famous food in your city?
Of course it’s true; most of the food is spicy here. In the restaurants they put on the table 3 to 4 different types of sauces, the typical food here are the “tacos al pastor”.

Also is it true that to be a man you need to eat green chilies in Mexico?
That is false haha… Here to be a man it’s not necessary to eat green chilies. Here people both men and women eat it. Perhaps several times a week depending on the food you eat. The green chilies we like to eat with burgers.

Do you know how to play guitar? Do kids on the street play guitar like they show in the Hollywood movies?
No, I do not play guitar but I would like to learn one day. And to the second question I must say that children do not play the guitar here in the street, that’s false. It’s only people who likes, or sometimes people to earn a little money. Not as shown in Hollywood movies.

What sports are played there? Also what sports kids play in the streets most?
Here all the sports are practiced, but I must say that here the soccer is the most important sport of all, here everything concerned football is the maximum. Most have a team favorite Mexican league, here the country could be said to be paralyzed when playing for the Mexican national team, but it seems that here the most important is the soccer. Here the sport that children playing in the street is soccer, every day and every hour, always football. In the afternoon outside the houses you’d see children playing soccer.

What do you like most about Mexico and its unique culture?
The things I like about Mexico are many, but I must say that from what I like most is the food and beaches, have beautiful places in Mexico. Very nice historical sites, no travel restrictions, anyone anytime can take their car and travel to any city in Mexico. But truly my friend here the food is delicious.

Do you know any words in Urdu? 
Only one haha, “kese Tum ho?”

Muchas Gracias para su tiempo.
De nada mi amiga, gracias a ti por querer conocer más de México.