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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Love: Becoming A Complete Human

Few years back I heard something in a morning show that had me ponder for months. This lady nutritionist talked about health and spirituality damage teens do to themselves over a twisted idea of love. She said that a desperate-incomplete-individual looks for healing from others, instead of developing as a person themselves.

I bet nobody in the audience would have liked her unnerving facts, I know I didn’t. How can you, when you don’t even know what being incomplete human means?! Finally I decided to solve this agitating mystery once and for all.
First we will have to understand a human who is complete.

A complete man is a man who is conscious and awakened. Likewise a woman is said to be complete woman when she has evolved as a person. I think it’s the same development process only different routes since both genders have their own unique set of motives and responsibilities. Awakened man is the man who is confident and in control of his actions, he has no time to waste. He has been through fire to become the person he is today.

Hence I believe an awakened man and an evolved woman are both refined forms of the opposite genders at their best. They are whole as a person, mind, body and soul. They have survived and healed long time ago, now they only learn to grow and prosper in life. They learned to stay away from all that is negative. They have no reason not to love themselves and others. Also they have become healers and source of positive energy.
Negative energy attracts negative, and goodness in a person attracts whatever is good. Thus automatically they are at peace with themselves and others. There are already free from bad traits like greed, envy and unnecessary competitions. They are their own competitors in the struggle to become better humans.

Awakened man needs an evolved woman for the connection that is beyond the physical intimacy. Help him find that higher unworldly segment of us humans, called the soul. It is the chunk that differentiates a man from animals and makes him superior to all other creations of the Creator. Evolved woman allows her man to reach the top most need in the Maslow's hierarchy of needs of self actualization i.e. the fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

 A man can only work on his spiritual part once his worldly needs are more than satisfied. Then only he can find time and space to feed, repair and develop that non-material self of him. So that he can reach higher awareness and higher consciousness.

If these are complete humans, what are we? Not something that comes to our mind when we think about love, is it? Teens should be taught to become complete humans, instead of chasing incomplete lives, based on ‘Whatever-wood’ movies idea of love.