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Stay Happy: How to Spend Free Time Positively

‘Smart business executive always blame others for setbacks’ seemed unfair when I read it five years back. Now that I am (still not) an executive of an MNC I realize it’s a way to boost confidence or shut up your own critic. Therefore blaming a highly depressed friend of mine who calls to complain about her… umm EVERYTHING!
It’s extremely hard to keep others motivated in circumstances like such. To be honest the reason is excessive free time lately, and living up to my teacher’s saying; “THE ONE WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO IS THE BUSIEST PERSON”. Anyway after deep and careful problem analysis the real cause behind my friend’s depression is also her excessive free time. 

Step 1: Find who you are:

Since our childhood we observe and read others. How they behave and how will they react to situations. In this tiring chase we forget the most important person. Thus the best favor you can do to yourself is to find who YOU are. The easiest and lamest way people find is an intensive study of their zodiac sign. Not sagacious enough to understand personality undergo a cluster of other influences. Like genetics, environment and it keeps molding with the changes. You don’t have to be a flirt only cause your zodiac sign says so. No one has the right to precisely define who you are except you. 

Step 2: Set Goals:

Trace where you stand on Maslows pyramid. Once you know where you are the next step is easier. Goals provide you a direction to put your energy instead of wasting it on a coach. In short seek knowledge for it’s not a competition it’s a need. Have you ever felt you have almost reached self actualization but then you start to miss your retarded friends?

Step 3: Reflect and MAKE A CHANGE:

We learn so much positive stuff but unfortunately we never apply or follow it. Some people would know more about health and food than a nutritionist and still won’t make it a part of their life. They want to stay loyal to their lazy zero health lifestyle and damaging bad habits. Only if women start to prefer honey, dairy products, fenugreek, olives, gooseberries and fruits over beauty products many businesses would go bankrupt. 

Step 4: Do Random stuff

  • When at super market buy a complete stranger (standing behind you) an ice-cream for no reason.
  • Learn to make origami birds or dragons and give them to random kids in the street.
  • Dedicate 20 minutes of your day to reading a book, magazine, newspaper, blog of your interest.
  • Learn new beauty tips, home remedies and get to work.
  • Learn to make Kashmiri tea
  • Low fat/ sugar free cakes
  • Learn a new language
  • Change your Workout routine for a month

Step 5: Arts and craft:

This department should always be free of cost or at least cheap. Arts and craft is a skill to turn junk into a valuable, useful and substantial thing. 
  • Renovate your house? Okay maybe your room? Nice try, let’s be real and move on to the fun stuff, shall we?
  • Colored pages pasted in the shoe Boxes give you fancy organizers for drawers, cupboards or bookshelves.
  • Old Calendars can be used to make envelops, scrapbook, bookmarks, notebook covers, gift wraps. I turned my desk calendar into a scrapbook. Cut the stand, turn the cover around to close it like a book and DONE! ‘Wow Tayyaba you are so smart’. Well, Thank You. 
Phew! That is a lot to do. These are my ideas and I’d love to hear yours. See ya when you have done your homework. Adios amigos!