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Weight Loss: Stuck in the Middle

When we start a workout routine, we shed weight off faster. You’d start to feel change in your mood, your body would feel lighter, and all the daily tasks get easier. Whether it’s inner or the outer self, either way the change will be visible. Overall it feels amazing, as if weight loss is a piece of cake.

In this phase you’d be passionate and positive about your goals. We get too confident looking at how fast our body is responding to the effort. It doesn’t stop there, people start to notice and their compliments adds to your excitement. Your dreams are coming true, OMG you are almost there!

After sometime of the workout routine, your body gets used to of the pressure. The same routine that was doing its wonders on your body now gets easy and less effective. In fact the transition in your body fat comes to a complete HALT! Hence you are not as obese as your used to be but not as fit as you wanted to become either. So it’s something in the middle.

Most people give up in this phase and go in reserve gaining more weight than they had before. 
It affects you psychologically too, for it’s frustrating and highly depressing. It reminds me of what Dan Brown says in his book Inferno, ‘When you are swimming in a dark tunnel, keep moving forward.’

My advice for all of you stuck-in-the-middle is, change your routes but stick to your goal. And by routes I mean reasons, do it for the good mood, do it for a good health, do it for a better lifestyle! This is your emotional route change.
Now we have to change your physical routes too. Change your entire workout routine, even if it requires you to switch to your most hated exercises. Some people hate legs workouts, some hate to work on arms, I hate the ones which involve jumping, my cousin hates lunges. Let me know what your LEAST favorite exercise is.

The results won’t show as fast as the beginning phase, but persistence pays off eventually. When you can’t play the rabbit anymore, play the turtle to WIN the race.

It took us a lot of sweat and hard work to get here, right? Then we won’t stop till we get there!
Weight loss may not be easy but it is achievable.

Keep going all of my fellow turtles out there!