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Monday, 4 November 2013

No strike for Smiles

Last day it was CNG strike and I was travelling back home from university. In the first bus I met a girl and figured she was from my hometown and also a student like me. When we reached the second bus stop, we had to walk some distance to catch another bus home. While walking towards the bus in that chaotic overcrowded place, I tried to talk to her but she ignored me with disdain. I didn’t mind that, I knew she was as lost in that madhouse as I was. It was also getting late. After a long brisk walk fortunately we found the bus. 
We squeezed ourselves on the footstep of the over loaded bus door. This girl deliberately winced at me showing her exhaustion. For me it was pure blessing to find a place just to hang in there. At least I am safe and finally going home was my first thought.  All the way home I was standing for almost three hours straight but still volatile and looking good. That furious girl was so stressed that she had a fight with the woman next to her. This woman started cursing her and created a scene. The whole bus went quite providing more attention to the already embarrassed girl. It surely was a rough day but it seems the furious girl had the worst.

There is a lot of stress these days earlier we had never ending electricity shortage problem and now this CNG problem. An average Pakistani is not happy, we are overstressed. Our jobs are affected, our studies are affected and so is our health and lifestyle.  It is driving my entire country fellows crazy. It is rare to find a single common Pakistani who is not angry or depressed on a CNG strike day. Despite all the trouble we are going through I want my country fellows especially women to cooperate with each other. It is easy to understand how badly affected you are because we are in it together. Trust me I know it’s not a good feeling. I know changing two buses on a CNG strike, is no fun at all.

The fact is when life is rough your fury won’t help it change. A person’s anger and animosity do them more harm than it does to people around them. Remember every problem has a solution all we have to do is find it, but if you can’t fix it learn to live with it. The faster you mold yourself in the rapidly changing circumstance of life the easier life would get. And happier you would be. Even in the business world we learn, those who do not change quickly according to the situations around them are left behind and soon get dissolved.

Yes there is CNG strike but no strike for your smile, no strike on a reason to be happy. Although it does affect us badly but despite that I want my country people at least the students to be patient and learn to find little happiness in every single day of life. Rough days should not stop you from living. Please don’t show your rage to people around you because they are also going through the same agony.

 Always look on the bright side. For me CNG strike day is an adventurous day not a boring daily routine. Be happy on the inside and you would feel good, also look good on the outside. Rejoice every moment while you can. Stay beautiful.