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Fitness: After Eid Effects

Alright the fitness freak is back! It’s been a long time, huh? Now it’s time to cut off that triple waistline from all those Iftar parties and pakoras. Whatever you gain in a month wouldn’t shed off in a week so let's get to work already!  Isn’t it frustrating that it works faster when you gain but dead slow when getting rid of it? Anyhow since we are in this mess, let’s be honest the person you saw in the mirror on Eid day still gives you nightmares.  
*Clap clap* we are going back to looking fabulous and confident again, WoahoO! Remember folks, Confidence is the secret of beauty that reflects. Since we are keeping it real today, I know its hell of a hard work to get back workout in your routine. Procrastination would always be the sweetest escape. For instance, "Gonna skip workout, I am having guests, oh and tomorrow I’ve a party at the guests visiting me today..." It’s entirely out, so out that the word EXERCISE doesn’t even come to your head until you hit the bed filled with regret. Ah the agony!

Here we go my beloved couch-potatoes like myself! First, stop wasting time hunting for motivation and drooling over models. Seriously, stop. Motivation should come from the inside of you, with your heart on your SMART goal. On the outside you only need reminders, reminder and more REMINDERS!
Secondly since you have been away from the taste of that after-workout JOY, you need a lethal regret as a push. The same kind you feel when you fall on the bed exhausted every night. I hope you do feel it, ‘cause that is the last hope to get you out of this sluggish self-destructive lifestyle. DON’T FRET! It only takes one exercise to realize what you are missing out on buddy. 

Nothing positive can occur without the will to change. Mind, body or soul, without the change it gets stagnant. Yeah, useless, dead and stinky.  There are times when a tiny change feels like moving mountains and yet you are pretty comfortable with the addictions you yourself loathe. We may not be strong to move a rock but a tiny distraction can make huge differences. Distraction from all that results in regret and focus on all that makes your lighter yet stronger. The lack of control that appears as an invincible demon is only a mind’s game. Learn to play it right.