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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Addiction: It's Haram...!

In an attempt to ‘GO GREEN’ I decided to replace morning tea with green-tea. By the evening I could literally feel a crazy Giant walking around in my head. Stumbling on my way to the kitchen like a drug addict I heard the phone ring. It was my sister; the more she talks the worse my head pound. In between the stomps I struggled to grasp and reply to whatever she asked.

I like tea that tastes a little bitter. So that you really feel your tiredness wash away on every sip. Yep caffeine and I have a past, had to stay up every exams night for good grades. Did I mention ‘primary school exams’?
 It’s weird when I offer kids a cup of tea and they shake their heads in negative. Well at least caffeine addiction is less harmful than the addiction of social media. That makes you take pictures of every meal instead of eating it. Anyway the real bad caffeine addiction is when a person like me is introduced to energy drinks!

It took them only two free energy drinks on alternative days to get me hooked on it. A well known company that hits every university to supply free energy drinks to cast the magic spell. Energy drink is a bad addiction in so many ways. Worse is when you have to cut on your expenses to afford it on daily basis. Yes Daily basis! For a long journey home it was Spinach for Popeye. 
On other hand my friends would slap me with a long list of side effects regularly. Like ‘It’s bad for health, especially women blah blah blah…’ 

Never considered it until one of our professor discussed the “effects”. Actually he knew an easy way; he said it’s Haram in a very, very, VERY convincing way. I didn’t believe it. Yet all that guilt of drinking something that might be Haram, kept me from looking it up on Google.
Surely the unavoidable dreadful several stages of SEPERATION did sneak up on me. Expect that obsession fades away faster when you have a better substitute. Even if it’s Halal any addiction that costs your health and tons of money, is BAD. Let’s stick to our cup of MASALA CHAI for at least we know what’s in it.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Escape: Truth About You & Me

Made your life’s most important decision and finally found your love. Married them and started to live like royalty. This is what you always dreamed of. Roaming new places, made new friends, and buy expensive goodies for fun. New dresses, news shoes, new perfumes, and gadgets add to the overloaded junk you own. The blame is not on you though. Surrounded by the posh circle of friends, would keep anyone’s nose in the air. 

However you do see the flip side of that royal coin. Hate to be alone for the conscience is ridiculously mean to you. So you watch other people fight and cry on TV in the name of entertainment. And unconsciously start to mimic the negative conclusions grasped from the shows. Everyday let it weave more insecurity in your faith.
Then Complain about everything and everyone for you failed to understand satisfaction. Actually satisfaction appears as only a fad for it fades out fast. Truth is: the new wardrobe has become a stale distraction. Fight with the spouse who took off from work to spend a day with you. Just to find an escape. 

It kills to the extent that you don’t mind talking to the people who are supposed worthless and inferior. For you see them having that one thing you lack. The more you talk the more it frustrates you, as the clue isn't there. Now you lower the guard and open up a bit more. Finally the denial escapes when you accept, “I am depressed”. The naive, no-value ‘happy people’ understands you. Thus they try to motivate, tell you about their own failures and progress in life. Stories of the bright side and the bright nights! Long talk about dreams being timeless and possibilities limitless. You do feel the moment of change.

 Sadly you lack the special ingredient required to listen to someone: respect. The only change is now you find them dumb idiots who are happy for no reason. Next day you go to spend more money, to buy a little more of fleeting happiness again… 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hey Mr. D.J, Please Leave...

We all go through the age where you can’t do anything without the beat. All you need is your favorite playlist and there you are in euphoria. Then there also comes an age when music only appears some meaningful words put together in rather silly way while an intolerable noise plays along. For some extremely insightful souls this age hits earlier than average. Friends excitedly share that one relatable song in every new album. And just to fit in you pretend to like it, even when you find it terribly exhausting. Actually you find it highly disturbing, for the fact that you relate to it perfectly.

There are many reasons to hate music, or let’s rephrase that. The reasons we listen to it, are messed up in the first place. Now we break it down in steps. Music is one exclusive incredible shovel to the long buried memories. It identifies and makes it all obvious in seconds. (We are talking about meaningful music, to be clear the music you love.) At this point denial becomes harder so you start to accept your failure. Failures, which were long forgotten by the present success in other areas. However this unlocked rage triggers various hasty rational motives to quench it. Since music didn't account for a cure.  

What music any broken soul would prefer on a gloomy long drive? To be honest even a happy, crazy party song is enough for a man to deliberately BANG into a cargo truck on the freeway. Yep such is the connection of some beautiful rhymed words with your heart.  Okay maybe an over exaggeration but both ways the damage is equal.

No matter what mood you are in, music can turn it upside down without you realizing it. We already have enough exposure to it in the places we cannot avoid. In malls, stores, public transports, TV, radio, and what not. Why in the word you’d want to kill the peaceful time you get alone with the same distracting noises? 
Turn it off to give your best to the work you love and respect. Also when you manage to get the happy hour, it should be about you without the intrusion of any foreign influences. Turn it off ‘cause your success story has its own awesome background music…!