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Wednesday, 30 October 2013


My first day at university wasn't as cool as I expected it to be. At first I was so happy to find the lecture so easy, I was the smartest girl in the class, with all the correct answers. After 3 hour of lecture I found it was not my class. They were my juniors...! Ah...  The staff had given me wrong course outline which made me quite confused and a lot more frustrated…

The next day I went straight to the coordinator’s desk and started my absurd story like a lost child. The coordinator turned out to be a very polite and helpful lady. She apologized, changed my course outline and led me to the right classroom.

OK so this is my real class. The first good sign was this class was vibrant and friendly. At that moment there were only three people in the classroom when I entered. A very familiar tall handsome guy was sitting to my right and behind him sat two girls. You figured the second good sign? *winks*
We had a short boring introduction that lasted in less than 2 minutes. So this tall guy continued talking to those girls, while I sat there like an alien. The more he talked the more he got familiar, like I have met him before. He was talking about his previous job and suddenly it ringed a bell.

A week later my classmates were planning for a barbecue party. I just wanted to go home but I had to wait for my girls who were deeply indulged in the party planning. I just kept nodding to all the questions they threw at me. After everything was planned I was finally relieved. Packed and ready to go home. When we reached the staircase suddenly my girls remembered another important task and left me waiting.

Right then that tall handsome guy came smiling and started teasing me for not taking any responsibility in organizing the event like everyone else. He kept going on and on and laughing. I got so annoyed that I had to change the topic.

I asked abruptly “Do you know Zara?”

His smile faded. I continued carelessly, “Zara your colleague at your previous job”

Only a small shocked sound came out of his mouth. Now when I had all of his attention I went on “She is my childhood friend, we’re more like sisters and she told me a lot about you.” At first he didn’t believe me but the straight look on my face convinced him. 
Instantly he asked “What did she tell you?” his question sounded more like a request. Behind that smile I could see his uneasiness, so I snapped teasingly “Everything”. To this his face glowed as he shyly grinned at me so I smiled back. Although I had lied, I only knew as much as Zara had told me about him. It was worth it for that adorable look on his face.

There was a long pause but a very comfortable and familiar one. We held each other gaze for a while. Then he softly said “It’s been two years now, she was a good friend of mine” I could feel and understand a lot more than he said. It’s strange how familiar one can get with a stranger.

Such a dramatic lost and found moment was interrupted by my girls who rushed passed me and were now out of sight. We were still lost in thoughts, mixed feelings, confused smiles, when he put some effort to say “Let’s talk about this later.” I just smiled and turned to catch-up with my girls. Funny how my over excited girls had passed me by and were now rushing downstairs forgetting me behind??? 

The most awkward thing about this moment was that it wasn't awkward at all. Zara had wanted so badly for me to meet this guy, Haroon. Sadly my busy schedule made me compromise to her sweet stories of him. Haroon is exactly how I had pictured him in my mind. I recognized him in the first glance on the first day I saw him.
For me it was more like meeting a character of your favorite story book. Spotting the celebrity and then actually telling them that you have been a fan for ages…It was a wonderful feeling…

So after all my life here in this institute might not be as boring as I had thought… :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


How many times have you tried to be someone else? Does it help or does it make things worse? It might have not ended so well. Ever wondered why?
When we try to be someone else we get exhausted hence sooner or later would give it up. Therefore frustrating not only ourselves but also annoying everyone around us. It’s funny how we lack to understand that we are at our best when we are not trying to impress others. That is because people can sense and differentiate the uneasiness from effortless confidence.  It is easy to look through a person, who is trying too hard. To see how they are uncomfortable in their own skin.
One thing is certain you cannot please each and everyone in life. When people ask you to change they give you an excuse not to like you. And they would always have an excuse no matter how hard you try. It’s as simple as this; if a person really did care about you, they would never make life hard on you. Then why bother changing for everyone.  Why going through so much trouble, exhaustion and frustration for others. If for them you don’t mean a thing then their comments should also be the least of your concerns.  
Sooner or later in life you would realize; the people you had tried so hard to please were not the people who mattered the slightest in your life. Only the ones who really did matter never wanted you to change.  Those who like you would accept you along with all your imperfections. The imperfections that define you make you standout, make you special. Appreciate your admirers and be thankful.
No matter how good you look or beautiful you shine inside-out. There will always be people to criticize and pass cruel comments on you. There are two options either to let these insignificant people ruin your day, or to ignore them while you keep sparkling. It’s totally in your hands not to let others let you down. If they don’t like you in the natural best form of yourself, then it’s an abuse of you. Your desire to fit in their ‘perfection scale’ is even a bigger insult of yourself. The best part is, these are the people, who can hardly make any difference in your life. So keep on shining bright. Don’t let critics dull your glow. Show them if they don’t like you, they are just wasting their breath on you.
Same goes for the outlook. Remember you will always have people who would admire you no matter what hairstyles, dress, or makeup you wear as long as you are yourself. People for whom you don’t have to try to be someone you are not.  Especially girls are more sensitive to such comments like: ‘this color doesn’t suit you’, or ‘the top makes you look fat’ or ‘your natural curly hair make you look ugly’. First people would make you stick to just one hairstyle, one color, or one look. Then these people would be the first one to get sick of your same old boring look. Get my point?
The outlook should be just like a healthy mind which is open to new ideas, ready to absorb uniqueness of life. That understands and accepts others just as they are. Be open to new fashion, new trends, new styles, all colors and designs. If you are confident and proud of yourself, you would definitely look amazing in anything you put on. Whether it’s the outlook or the inside of you avoid changing it for anyone.

All you need is the right attitude, that positive air around you, you would look gorgeous in any way. Be proud of being different. All colors are made for you, enjoy them while you can. Be volatile, be vibrant and celebrate all colors of life.