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Fitness: Rescue is here!

At 1 am yesterday I got an emergency call that literally made me throw the warm dark chocolate muffins straight into the air and out of sight. Yes she wanted a fitness advice. Such perfect timing always although relieved to think we weren't ‘Skyping’. Anyway my friend was freaking out for the fact that she had put on some weight. In between deafening shrieks and whining I kept throwing lame fitness quotes to sound professional. Finally I got my chance to speak when the call became too quiet in a super creepy way. I decided to start from the same don’t give up and Nike’s slogan. Since her problem relates to most of us it is worth mentioning. 

The problem is not gluttony or stress the obstacle is we get DISTRACTED!  It only means one thing that we are not focused. For I know I’d get an exact same call from her 3 months from now. You don’t need a fortune teller or tarot cards when you have experienced their pattern. However this time she made me doubt it when she said IN SHA ALLAH at the end.   

We have direction, ability and all means to accomplish our goals except for the WILLINGNESS. Enthusiasm is one important ingredient that slips away often. With time you’d start to run low on motivation and soon nothing matters. You get immune to the motivational pictures that now only appears as a bunch of ‘show offs’ you deeply despise. Or a retarded blogger whose influential selfless hard work can’t make you MOVE IT, MOVE IT anymore. Give me my blueberry cheese cake back! And then a very important event comes around as a huge punishment and guilt all wrapped in one. Although I wasn't this vivid on the phone call as after midnight people usually reach a higher level of sensitivity. 

If you have a constant reminder of your goals consider it a blessing even if you are cozy in blankets at 1 am watching a movie with a cup of whipped cream Cappuccino in one hand and muffins in another. I’m grateful. Well the moral is it is OK to gain a little weight or probably a lot of weight during winters. Don’t panic for the only place stress takes us is to the refrigerator. Food is not the enemy but over-stress certainly is.  Stay happy and focus on your goals. We will get there IN SHA ALLAH.