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Saturday, 12 November 2016

An Awakened Man & His Evolved Woman

Written by Saqib Hussain

“An awakened man looks for an evolved woman as a partner on his life journey because he knows that as their souls merge she will help him to make the shift and become a man of higher awareness.”
- Daniel Nielsen

When Creation began, duality became one of the many guiding principles. Day followed night. Land emerged out of the sea. Evil grew with goodness.
Man was given a woman.
Like every other example of duality, the two in this relationship thrive on each other. Man finds satisfaction in his woman’s need of him, and the woman rests easily, knowing she is wanted.

An awakened man is one who has woken up from the dreadful dream of self-centeredness and pride. He sees his purpose in creation is to grow, to be enlightened, and to pass on what he learns. However, his journey begins with finding his identity, for in only finding himself can he understand his purpose. They will sing songs out of God’s Word and tell him what he is meant to do, but what about the truth that was made to gratify his soul? Would just knowing he is a small cog in a gigantic machine suffice as his identity? Surely not.

He is a complex organism capable of experiencing multiple dimensions of reality. Surely, there is an individual purpose for him. Surely, he must seek it and find himself. Find his truth.
It is in reaching this place, in this epiphany, that he sees what he is meant to do and who his woman is. He recognizes her once he has found himself. Any other he wanted to keep before could not stay. It was not meant to be before he would find himself.

At the same time, his woman has gone through a similar journey by comprehension of a million stars whose dust she is made of. She has felt the confusion and stabbing pain of the dove flying across the prairie that gets hit by a stone a boy pelted with his catapult. She has endured the last gasping breaths a drowning fisherman took in the storm, unable to reach his raft. She has seen who her man is, and she has realized her purpose is to be by him and let him take over her sensations – sensations that have haunted her all her life.

The awakened man recognizes his evolved woman when he sees her as she recognizes him. One long journey has ended. Another is to begin, but this time neither of them will be on their own. They’ll fulfill each other, thrive on each other, and walk hand in hand to find their place with the Creator, for reaching Him is the ultimate enlightenment, the ultimate truth, the ultimate awakening.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Love: Becoming A Complete Human

Few years back I heard something in a morning show that had me ponder for months. This lady nutritionist talked about health and spirituality damage teens do to themselves over a twisted idea of love. She said that a desperate-incomplete-individual looks for healing from others, instead of developing as a person themselves.

I bet nobody in the audience would have liked her unnerving facts, I know I didn’t. How can you, when you don’t even know what being incomplete human means?! Finally I decided to solve this agitating mystery once and for all.
First we will have to understand a human who is complete.

A complete man is a man who is conscious and awakened. Likewise a woman is said to be complete woman when she has evolved as a person. I think it’s the same development process only different routes since both genders have their own unique set of motives and responsibilities. Awakened man is the man who is confident and in control of his actions, he has no time to waste. He has been through fire to become the person he is today.

Hence I believe an awakened man and an evolved woman are both refined forms of the opposite genders at their best. They are whole as a person, mind, body and soul. They have survived and healed long time ago, now they only learn to grow and prosper in life. They learned to stay away from all that is negative. They have no reason not to love themselves and others. Also they have become healers and source of positive energy.
Negative energy attracts negative, and goodness in a person attracts whatever is good. Thus automatically they are at peace with themselves and others. There are already free from bad traits like greed, envy and unnecessary competitions. They are their own competitors in the struggle to become better humans.

Awakened man needs an evolved woman for the connection that is beyond the physical intimacy. Help him find that higher unworldly segment of us humans, called the soul. It is the chunk that differentiates a man from animals and makes him superior to all other creations of the Creator. Evolved woman allows her man to reach the top most need in the Maslow's hierarchy of needs of self actualization i.e. the fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

 A man can only work on his spiritual part once his worldly needs are more than satisfied. Then only he can find time and space to feed, repair and develop that non-material self of him. So that he can reach higher awareness and higher consciousness.

If these are complete humans, what are we? Not something that comes to our mind when we think about love, is it? Teens should be taught to become complete humans, instead of chasing incomplete lives, based on ‘Whatever-wood’ movies idea of love.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Poem: Deforestation

Written by Aliza Hasnain (6th Grader)

Oh! Little deer,
Why are you so sad?

I'll be honest,
There's no forest,

My home was in trees,
Now I am on streets. 

Oh! Little deer,
What can I do to help you? 

Do this please,
Plant more trees!

I'll spread the word and make you proud,
No deforestation is allowed.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Just get along...

Ever faced that awkward moment when you try to fix one thing but end up ruining ten other things? So much so that it starts to make you question all of your recent decisions. It becomes a chain of catastrophic reactions. Hence you are left with only two options; one: Run all over the place, screaming. Two: Sit back and watch it all collapse. Later one being the wiser option as it saves a total waste of energy. However it won’t be any productive for you. So maybe I am being wise lately.

Then in desperation you start to look for that one person you mess it up all for. Most likely that person would shut you out as always. We get used to of the pattern, don’t we? Beautiful truth that they keep talking about like some kind of mysterious, insightful, sophisticated geniuses is far from the dreadful distressing truth you get to live on the daily.
You wait by their door for days like a sad dog making all annoying sad sounds, begging for attention. It’s depressing to see how people treat you worst than a dog for you are not an animal after all. You are complex, egoist, selfish, strange thing that deserves to be left alone at times. Then this pattern becomes a routine, they keep doing it, you keep surviving it. If you don’t survive it, then that dog finds a better owner. If you can survive it then they probably condition you to it. Either way you can’t break the system as long as you are trying to be wise. For you know you’d be fooling yourself if you think this pattern would change for any better with other people.

Somehow punishments get easier once you accept that you deserve them. That acceptance may help you survive but it kills something else inside you. Oh well it’s not about you, is it? They know the dog isn’t going anywhere and being a guilty human you’d act far better than that.
That awkward moment when you try to explain things to them in your own artistic peculiar ways and they are like “I ain’t got no time for that!”
There’s no time for riddles and games as long as they didn’t design them.

No matter how unfair it may appear sometimes, just get along, it will go like it’s supposed to.