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Workouts: Marriage, an Excuse for sluggish lifestyle

In my Country we share almost the same ‘before and after’ Marriage attitudes towards fitness. Before marriage both men and women are highly cautious of their shape, health and fitness. They struggle to stay fit and look good.
After marriage you’d see the same person turn into a careless, all-time paranoid, sluggish complainer. They complain about how they can no more fit into their expensive clothes, how they hate the changes, how they hate the recent TV shows and so on. It’s more like marriage is a license for obesity and constant bizarre complains. Life gets worse when both, Man and Wife hold the same perception. 

Unhealthy lifestyle is never safe no matter what phase of life you are in. When I tell them so, couples come up with a “DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK” version of excuses. Seriously, how hard is it to get only 10 minutes for you yourself from those 24 hours for others?  
Along with being light on your feet and stress free, a person with a HAPPY mood can improve performance of people around them. I think Human Resource Management does not limit to the workplace only. 
Now most people get de-motivated when their spouse is not cooperating. If that is the case then keep doing your part, sometimes our actions would do all the hard-work. This is NOT advertise to sell you ‘Super Destructive Fitness-Pills’ it’s only to help you experience what it’s like to be Fit, healthy and happy. I talk from my own experience, I know workouts are POWERFUL HAPPINESS DOSE we all need every day. 

Couples don’t even want to talk about it in Pakistan for they fear a lot of things. Like their married life, and their self-esteem, etc. Hence they ignore the idea of fitness and workouts entirely. Stress is awesome if you are ready to convert it into SWEAT. Couples are more focused and determined than singles when they transfer to healthy lifestyle. They have so many benefits as they can set goals and match results together, challenge each other, and become a motivation for the other.

However the first step is to talk about it to your partner every day starting from today. Talk your fears out, and what changes you are willing to make. This will help you both stay on track and work as a team. Remember fitness is not a onetime shot for some friend’s wedding day no one cares about, but it’s a way of living. Caring about yourself and your significant other is more important than any other special event.