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Monday, 30 January 2017

Lifestyle: 5 Items You Need for a Stunning Bedroom

Bedroom is a place we seek comfort in, a place to rest, and a place to sleep. Therefore, a stunning bedroom should look like a place to relax and not a place of work. By that, we mean an inviting resting place that not only feels soothing to the body but also to the eyes. Other than the marvelous warm cozy mattress on your pleasant bed, here are five items that make up a stunning bedroom.

 1. A remarkable Rug: A warm comfortable rug is a wonderful thing to step on when you wake up in the morning. Go for the most comfortable ones since it will be the first thing your feet touch every day. With a few floor cushions a rug can also serve as a nice warm place to sit on.

  2. Place to sit: A place to sit that’s not the bed! I didn’t know this could be a necessity until I faced this problem in my own bedroom. Whether it’s to tie your shoes, read a book, or just sit for a conversation. You do need a chair or stool or settee or floor cushions for various reasons. When you are going for this item, try and pick something that matches the theme of your bedroom. Remember; this is not the drawing room; hence the settee shouldn’t take a lot of space no matter how lavish it is.

  3. Lamps: This being another necessity of any bedroom, should be chosen wisely, keeping in mind things like the space it takes, the theme of your room, and how fancy you can go. With more space in the room you can go for that big trendy corner lamp on the floor. Otherwise, one or two small bed-side lamps that match the color scheme of your bedroom look just as beautiful. Depending on your style, you can keep a traditional lamp or those Chinese style trendy hanging lamps appear delightful as well.

  4. Throw pillows: Throw pillows are the latest trend for any stunning bedroom. The more throw pillows the better! However you don’t have to go for the boring traditional ones. From the heart shaped plush pillows to beans-filled pillows to stuffed toys, whatever suits your personality would do well. Have your fun with colors and choices while you are at it.

 5. Collection of Things you love: Every stunning bedroom reflects the uniqueness of the person it belongs to. It actually makes your bedroom stand out. The collection of things you love could be anything. Paintings on the walls, a beautiful theme of your choice, a decorative side lamp, cute tiny hanging plants, decorative hanging lamps, or even a cup of coffee on the book beside the lamp looks amazing. The more idiosyncratic it is the more stunning would your bedroom appear as a whole.

Make your bedroom stunning today only by adding these five items. Remember as long as the bedroom looks like a place to sleep it would look stunning. A stunning bedroom is a healthy and WISE-bedroom. Hence, it is always a technology-free room. NO desks, or LEDs, or laptops on the bed. It is always good to leave your work in your study. No matter how small or big your bedroom is, these five items can turn round any boring room into a pleasant place to sleep in every night.