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FITNESS: What's your Worst Fear?

After 20 minutes of wrestling, I finally accepted there’s no way I can get into those skinny jeans. I was late for my class as always. Usually I’d blame it on my super artistic makeup skills or the new Arabian Hijab styles but this time it was different. I was in a crazy rush when something devastating stopped everything.
 It hit me like a shock a singer would get if they lose their voice! I have always been the fitness motivation for friends, family, mates, acquaintances, for strangers and even for critics and haters.
At this point to satisfy my panic I thought maybe those jeans were too old. That didn't help much for I bought them a month ago. God my baking obsession has to stop.
Let’s draw our problems on a fish-bone diagram of cause and TERRIBLE effects. And trust me this step is better than paying attention to the depressing lecture about the most successful entrepreneurs who never went to school. 
After a close look the critical BIGGEST cause was skipping the workouts. In fact the idea of a proper dedicated workout routine seemed a distant blur memory. I returned home all motivated. Two hours later I was in the kitchen baking another chocolate cake. I need to stop watching cooking shows. 

When you too lose track of motivation like me here is what to do:

1. Accountability:
Mirror is your best friend as it never lies. Take a look at yourself today. Embarrassing? Tell me about it. But hey! That mirror can make you feel proud of yourself one day. Set goals and stick with them with your heart and soul. 

2. No curbs diets:
 We don’t want to run into any eating disorders or bulimia. It’s about living healthy not a living skeleton. Ehh! No one likes that. Just eat healthy and on the right time. Transform that panic into positive energy that sets your mind to your goals. The reward will come on its own to surprise you. 

3. Workouts:
Since winters have started it would be great if you can workout twice a day. However I can’t say the same for karachiites. They might stay confused about the weather throughout the month. That is a benefit. Since during winters resistance of body to workout increases to a killing level. It’s a season to legally gain weight forget about maintaining it. Yet I have seen people lose weight during the coldest winters. 

It’s about time we stop looking at fitness pictures and wonder how they do that. Now is your turn to be the motivation for others.  When people see that happy face and changed body they reach you with loads of questions. They see you as a magician or a celebrity or someone even better. How you did it? What you eat? What workout routines you follow? How come you are always in a good mood? 

Stick with fitness for that feeling is priceless! Please comment and let me know how you would answer those questions in one word!