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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Nightmares: Can you fall back to sleep NOW?

Sunday Morning: I was fast asleep when I felt a little girl walk into my room and climb up my bed. She shook my shoulder vigorously in attempt to wake me up. “Go away its Sunday” I mummer in a slurred voice. I pulled her closer, to stop her. She said “Wake up!” Her voice sounded too mature for her size. I slowly opened my eyes, to see a fully grown women smiling at me.
Before I could break free she stabbed me with something sharp and cold into my ribs! My expressions changed from smile to confusion, terror, and immense pain! I couldn't breathe. She yelled, “WAKE UP!” And stabbed me again! I tried to scream but no sound came out. She kept grinning wide like a psychopath. I woke up before she went for the third stab… I was in my room all alone, breathing heavy with my heart still racing.

It’s amazing how nightmares can feel so real. What if this life is a dream and whatever we dream of was actually the reality? Anyway since it was Sunday no one was up. I didn't feel like going back to sleep. Thanks to the brief research I did on nightmares in my psychology class. I recited a few Quran Kareem verses and went to sleep.
In my research I learned when a person wakes up from a nightmare, they wouldn't want to go back to sleep. For the fear that the dream would continue and also it seems too real. Although this reason is pretty legit but if this person stays up, it will do them more harm. It leads to sleeplessness that generates stress and anxiety. This in turn leads to more vicious and regular nightmares in future.
Another amazing thing we learned was nightmares doesn't only come from stress or depression. People who are creative and intelligent are more prone to nightmares than anyone else. So even if the happiest person on this planet gets nightmares why do we call it a sleep disorder?
If you think your nightmares are worse let me tell you this. One day I had a nightmare that was so messed up, that the moment I woke up, I jumped out of my bed. And ran to search for my Mother. Ahem, yeah I was 23 years old. My Ami was offering Salat, so I sat next to her. She found me motionless, with my eyes wide open. For about 45 minutes I didn't say a word.

I think nightmares only mean we are creative and awesome people. Still these awesome people need to find the cure. Psychology thought us the causes and that you need to go back to sleep, but how? Do you think it’s easy to fall back to sleep with a 100% risk to meet the same demons again?
Here our wonderful religion Islam teaches us the remedy. Dreams have three categories, first from ALLAH(SWT), second from the daily life and third from the devil. 
The nightmare is from the devil so recite any Surah or do Dikarullah. You would fall asleep in no time. A beautiful peaceful sleep and no more sleep disorders.
Please let me know your experiences and how you deal with it? Keep smiling!