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Saturday, 29 November 2014

STORY: A Research on Idiots!

When I entered the business research class, our teacher was writing something on the board. I quickly settled down and waved at my girls. The topic today was Qualitative Research. At first the lecture was interesting until this one irritatingly obnoxious guy started to speak. “Sir my question is shouldn't I always do Qualitative research in my business for I want Quality research?” he asked.

He confused ‘Quality’ with ‘Qualitative’ but sadly the teacher didn't quite get his stupid question. I couldn't stay quiet so I tried to explain him that quality has nothing to do with it. And 5 minutes later this guy went “But sir my question is still the same”. Then the smart guy came up with an awkward example to make his point clear. The example was if his refrigerator breaks down at his store he should do qualitative research because it will guarantee quality.
Okay that guy was blind for on the board the first thing under the Qualitative research was YOU ONLY DO THIS RESEARCH WHAT YOU CAN’T FIND THE PROBLEM (It is time consuming and very expensive). And this guy’s research problem is his sales decreased because of a broken refrigerator. Therefore he thinks he should call experts from all over the world to give their opinion on it for they will ensure quality in his business. WHAT?! At this point I felt like throwing my text book in his face and walking out of this mad classroom.

I explained and asked my teacher to write separate definitions of qualitative and quantitative on the board to clear out his confusion. The teacher looked at my face and said “Yes, yes you are RIGHT”. 
Oh GOD! I don’t need your appreciation focus on this dumb head.
Our teacher wasted one whole hour on his extremely vacuous rubbish. I explained again but this guy plainly ignored me as earlier. Apparently he cannot accept intelligent answers from a GIRL. 
There is a lot wrong with this man, I think someone should do a QUALITATIVE RESEARCH on this ignorant discriminating fool!
Now he was dragging it, everyone started to contribute and by that I mean shouting at each other. The time of class was over but the teacher won’t let us go for he was fascinated with this nonsense debate. I was finally relieved to walk out of that chaos when my brother came to pick me up.

Well that is one sad true story that I wanted to share with all of you. And ask your EXPERT opinion on how to deal with someone like that. Don’t you think knowledge is punishment when everyone around is ignorant?