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Fitness: Mind, Body and Soul

O A, E I… O A… E O… O A, E I…O A, O A, O A, O A! Did you just sing it in your head? If yes, you are plain awesomeness! This reminds me of the sole purpose of this blog. One word: Fitness!
It’s been a while since I gave you all the regular push towards goals of healthy life. Without further delay let’s crawl back to happiness!

Mind, body and soul definitely are separate departments yet they work cross-functionally. Think of it as being a triangle, with no specific entrance to it. Every person varies in how they would start the fitness cycle. Regardless of where they start, improvement in any one of these department will bring gradual refinement in all other areas.
We need to keep setting goals because CHANGE IS SIGN OF LIFE! Anything that is static becomes stagnant or dead. The reason most of the people are sad, numb, depressed is simply that their hearts are not actually alive. Heart maybe beating but it needs to be refreshed. And trust me we all have that refresh button programmed on our systems. All you have to do is to make the move.

Well this portion would be short and you might guess why. Anyhow, besides all the daily work at school or job, engage yourself into mind challenging activities. Our mind loves creativity and is always on desperate hunt to learn more. If a Miniaturist who is also an art teacher can designs new pattern for her project while she is cooking for her family. If an Environmentalist with his hectic job routine and stressed pursuit of PhD degree can write a fiction novel.  Then don’t you have more time and greater opportunity to shine brighter? Mind is restless and unstoppable machine so don’t miss your shot in life.

This is the fun part. Just like mind and soul, your body owes you its care. It is compulsory to exercise! By the word WORKOUTS we get the frightening flashbacks of cramps the day after. If you want to get rid of cramps then don’t ever quit!
Besides you can be more creative. For instance: learning how to dance like Hrithik Roshan. Be careful though, you can be all Hrithik Roshan with those jelly legs and find yourself flat on the floor with a huge bump on the back of head. Still it’s totally worth the try. The point is to get into any physical activity whether its sports, outdoors activities, walking or running. Let’s be more than a slug sticking on the coach in front of some technical device for a change.

This part is certainly the hardest, so we might need some external help. First of all be with people who see world beyond the bling-bling of materials. Then give some time to yourself alone. Cut all ties with the world. Be with someone who needs your attention the most: YOU yourself!
Pondering starts from realization of who you are to colossal amount of positive questions and outrageous urge for knowledge.

Find your favorite Muslim Speakers and listen to them every day. You can stalk them, follow them, and do whatever it takes to get your questions answered. Two of my recent favorites are NOUMAN ALI KHAN AND MUFTI ISMAIL MENK! The reason I like them is they both are hilarious. They get the message through in the best way, for the reckless youth’s attention.
If you can’t recite the Message of your Lord, Qur'an Kareem, at least listen to it. Even if it’s only 5 to 10 minutes of your busy 24 hours. Those five minutes will hold solutions to all the problems you will face in the rest of the day.  A miracle can only be experienced.
Along with that answer the five calls you get from your Creator, every day.

I hope we can make the change. You can share your view in the comments below and give suggestions.
May Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) protect us and guide us to the right path.