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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Youth: Every Piece of a Puzzle Counts

Fiercely clicking, replying to comments my friends were posting under a random funny video. With some difficulty I detached my eyes off facebook when I heard my dad calling.
 “Sit here and listen to this” He Point at TV where some old guy was speaking in a very calm tone. I sat on the opposite coach making effort to look interested where in my head I was like ‘Papa I was in the middle of something IMPORTANT!’
The topic was ‘Talent & Pakistani youth’ and how parents are ignorant of their own kid’s potential.
I don’t recall his exact speech so just sharing the essence of it.

‘If Parents and the youth themselves start to contribute with whatever talent they were gifted we can change this country. Only if one of you starts today, never think you alone cannot make a difference. Prophets were always alone against the world. ONE man who changed their nations only cause they were POSITIVE, MOTIVATED and had FAITH in ALLAH.’

That really moved me. He is a Muslim scholar IRFAN UL HAQ. People go to him to get their problems solved. He only restores their confidence. This man is so positive and a great motivation we all Pakistanis desperately need to listen. Unfortunately the word ‘CHANGE’ has become more of a cheesy joke lately in our country. Instead in reality it takes only you to fix your own life. This way all of us can make our substantial contribution in the progress.

Pakistani youth is exactly like Dexter from ‘Dexter’s laboratory’. We all have a secret laboratory our parents don’t know about or should never know about. Labs where we work hard and be who are really are. There we are recognized as geniuses, artists, poets, directors, admins, youtubers, vloggers, bloggers, and what not. In the eyes of our parents, we’re still worthless than those outdated floppy disks.
We have limited our Deen to Masjid, to wise and old, when it’s weaved in all aspects of life from the day we were born. It’s high time we realize that each and every piece of the puzzle counts. Along with that we need to work in one direction as a team. Start from fixing the immediate ones, your family.
Or you enjoy being Dexter; running around in circles in the time of CRISIS. More nerve-racking factor is we actually have a seriously annoying older sibling exactly like Dee Dee.
Da da da dam…