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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Life: I Hate That I Love You!

I was enjoying my favorite TV show, and eating marshmallows when the phone rang. It sounded like a horror movie climax before I realized it’s my friend crying. She had so much to say (in a language I couldn't get a word of) so I just tried to keep up with her.
The part where she ended was “I would give anything to go back to college”. My friend works in a prestigious organization and I am so proud of her. She is bright, hard working and a very nice person. Nice includes her simplicity and how she is always there for others. From here we can guess what the problem actually is: ‘Haters’.
Second month at her dream job and she is asking for a psychiatrist. Oh well life is like that. Although I couldn't go brutally honest RAPPER on her so instead I went ‘Awww baby’.  Then she made me tell her my own embarrassingly pathetic encounters with my critics. That wasn't a good idea for negative memories only turn into trauma inducing discussions.

This is something we all can relate to. There are always some people constantly making our life more miserable than it already is. Mostly it is jealousy, competition or no reason; where haters don’t even know why they hate you so much. One word ‘ignore’. Don’t talk about your haters, don’t think about them. However be nice to them, not to change their perception of you but simply out of pity. They can’t help being rude, we can’t help being nice that’s all.
This world was not made for naive and nice people. They belong to a place far better than this. They belong to paradise and will get there shining like diamonds. If your life is hard then you are on the right track.
I kept talking to her while making tea for my family and doing other chores around the house. After 1 hour of brainstorming she finally started to laugh at my lame jokes like always. I told her haters are only our retarded fans.
The key is to cherish the ones who love you the same on your success days. They deserve to be on your mind more than haters. Constantly remind yourself of your loved ones and admirers along with all the things you are grateful for.

So tell me what creative and positive ways you have to deal with situations like these? In the comments below give me one more way that I need to add in my (never) upcoming book  ‘101 ways to deal with your Retarded Fans’!