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Fitness: Our Ridiculous Desi Perception

Perception and motivation behind Fitness changes from culture to culture. Moreover culture is not the only thing to be blamed. When you tell someone you “Exercise” their thought process goes like: Fitness= weight loss = this person MUST be really FAT! Unfortunately this idea is engraved in us so deep that fitness is only treated as a cure for obesity. 
However idea of Fitness gets crazier here in our country. In Pakistan we have two very peculiar fitness extremes in both genders. Men who are fitness freaks, talk nothing less than 6 abs; or men with, “I don’t give a Donald Duck” attitude towards fitness. Majority of the later type actually.
Women are no different here. Women, who cook, work, eat, sleep and repeat. Or women who count calories when all they have on their see-through skeletons are just bones and skin. 

Nonetheless we all can get fitness maniacs for special occasions. Yeah, only for an approval from people who don’t even care. This sick approach is worthy of pity. Once you get your desired weight and approvals from everyone, now what? Would you give up something so positive that keep you from disease, bad mood, mood swings, stress, anxiety and antidepressants? Or maybe you like to go back to being negative, anxious and envious person. If you think of it, then you yourself wouldn't want to be with that crabby ill-tempered side of yours. Now some of you’d go all Bruno Mars, “YOU ARE AMAZING, AMAZING, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE”. Believe me that “YOU ARE” does not include your angry bad-tempered fierce demons.

Negativity is awfully uncontrollable and despicable: Mostly when it starts to mess with your roles at workplace, home, or social circle. Bad moods are highly contagious thus it makes everyone around you miserable too. Great amount of ‘Potential Positive Energy’ on frustration turns in to vicious negative energy. As we were not designed for the life style we have got ourselves in. Sit all day in front of a computer in an AC room and then called it WORK. Seriously now, why don’t we really worry about our health? Ironic how the family you work for all day only gets to meets the exhausted, irritated, obnoxious you. 

It’s high time we start perceiving Fitness as an everyday vital need for every one of us. How many evidence we need to learn that sluggish life only invites diseases, depression, and disorders.
People who workout, are more focused and perform all their roles better. You don’t need an approval from others when you already love yourself and your body. People who live happy keep everyone around them happy without even trying. When you learn to stay fit and healthy you’d find so many reasons to be happy every day.  Best part is happiness is contagious too! 

Now tell me what fitness means to you? Also share this blog post, and spread the word! We are changing our bizarre fitness perception to ‘Health awesomeness’!