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Fitness: Karachiites do it like a BOSS

Whether report: December first and winter is still not around. Seasons of Karachi are confusing and unpredictable and they say people here are no different. We have pretty much moderate weather so losing weight is super duper easy but starting is super duper difficult. Why? For we are the ultimate ‘MEH’ society! We have ‘meh’ attitude towards almost everything. Like latest outlook, meh. New trends meh. Fashion comes naturally to us and I am not kidding for I have seen fashion freaks in other cities. Cities where girls go to buy groceries like they were accidentally dropped in the market place on their wedding day! 

A lady who is seen in the largest shopping malls wearing an unironed shabby dress, messed up hair, no makeup on, yep she is a Karachiite. We appreciate laid-back, easy-going carefree attitudes and respect people who keep it cool. Now the side effect of staying cool is, we hate to put effort in long term commitments. The moment you ask a person to do something for you and “POOF” they disappear forever. You tell them to do something that is good for their health and poof!  Tell them the benefits of fitness and healthy lifestyle and poof, poof, POOF! 

I had a hard time convincing people when I gave a presentation on my idea of women gym layout design. They don’t care about themselves either. It took me a while to make them listen cause the word FITNESS is only a joke here. “Fitness as lifestyle” is only thought to be a thing of celebrities or weight conscious supermodels. Reality is hard to swallow but accepting it gets you where you want to be. 
We always talk about how workouts make you feel great and influence your mood positively. But wait isn't it an alien feeling for people who have never experienced it? For they assume they are too thin and workout would drain their energy. I have seen thin people who are grumpy, crappy and always ready to go ‘Kung Fu Panda’ on you. If you have seen them too, do them a favor; take them to gym just once.

Those who don’t have time for gym, have online workouts. In case you wonder how I did it then online 10 minute workouts it is. Only about two months later I had strangers asking me how I did it. We live in times where a young person with a lame excuse for skipping workout, deserves a SLAP.

So what are you guilty of, being lazy or karachiite, or both? They say bad habits are hard to break, I say good habits are harder to get rid of. You can get rid of bad ones but good addictions become your RULES of life. All you have to do is start today.