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Guidelines: How to study SMARTER?

On your mark, get set, Go!

Listen to the Lecture
Always listen and participate even if it’s boring. You’d forget what you learned a night before exam but not a good discussion six months ago. If your teacher allows open discussion, consider it a blessing. They are already helping you construct a strong base. These are the type of teachers who contribute in building your personality not just your grades.

Never underestimate yourself
No one is extraordinary smart, they just have intelligent ways of studying. Keep testing what helps you comprehend information better. Is it the theory, visuals, background story, or practical application? Once you find your approach you’d have the key to unlock all doors.

Study smarter not harder
Learn and use jargon, connect them to the past experiences. Every bullet in your textbook has one word that is a snapshot of the whole story. Highlight it and remember that ONE word.

Find effective time
Early morning is the best time to work on a complex project, ideas, or preparation for exam. They are the happy hours of least distractions and greater attention. Get a strong coffee kick if needed and utilize this extremely positive time. A week ago I learned: ‘Night is to sleep’.

Have Teachers outside classroom:
Make intelligent friends like YouTube and Google. I learned philosophy, history, accounting and other kaleidoscopic crazy hard topics on YouTube. Visuals help you store and retrieve information faster. 

Never miss a class: 
Even if you know a lot more than others. Aim to understand your teacher’s patterns of question and the type of answers they want. For instance some teachers prefer bullets with examples over stories. Some want heavy long material (to place on weighing scales to grade you). Then there are teachers who have a whole different meaning to: ANSWER BRIEFLY! When in classroom, study more than just your text book. 

Do not study when you don’t want to
Try not to sit idle pretending to study.  The least you want is to destroy your relationship with knowledge. Study when you want to study otherwise go out and play. For me it’s baking time. My family goes ‘Oh she is prepared as Nerdy isn't freaking out’. They start with unlimited demands for teatime delights… Then I’m like “What is wrong with these people I have an exam to prepare” Now when I crash in my room to study. I’d be more focused and determined.

Motivation behind the Goal
Is it for the good grades, reputation, competition or better job? All of these bizarre motivations destroy you inside out. Education should help you understand life better and make it easy on you. Apply whatever you leaned to yourself and people around you to find out. The only person you do it all for, should be you.

Let me know if I've left out anything. It took me a long time to find these secrets to studying better. They surely work. How do you think a Gajni like me who sometimes forget where they live, could score A’s? (tiresome bragger)