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Workout: Insanely Tiresome Daily Routine

On my last exam day just the thought of ‘finally a break!’ was pure happiness. The next day my family higher me as a full-time housekeeper they never have to pay. My workload exceeded to infinity level. 
According to them it’s just cooking (and baking) forgetting who brings groceries, attends phone calls, listen to the maid’s stories or excuses. Or answer their call for the dropped items in the middle of my work! Or that “Turn on the AC it’s too hot” and five minutes later, “Turn off the AC it’s too cold!” To be honest it’s a lot easier to run the house than being the YOUNGEST. Don't think they'd ever get I’m not a five year old anymore, who loves to pick up their dropped pen in the middle of her Doll house decor.

Anyway this hectic routine strikes me like KARMA to realize what people mean when they say they’re too busy for a workout. The 10 minutes of break I hardy get is only to relieve my sore feet. Still we can’t give up on our health no matter what. If you are not looking for an excuse you’d find a way.  

A lesson from this crazy robotic routine is when we’re too busy we don’t willingly skip our health & fitness. We FORGET it! Focus on that cake in the oven, that phone call and that ridiculously long desi recipe for chicken have you tangled. The only thing you need is REMINDERS. Therefore keep exercise mat or whatever reminds you of workout near the place you stay or work most.  

If you can’t make time early morning after the Fajar salat than use the time you get for TV, or social media. I love early hours for they are refreshing and give results faster. Also the time before the evening tea is wonderful. 
Like I always say 10 to 15 minutes is enough to transform you. Even if you have a body of a mantis you NEED workouts to stay fit. Especially to stop yourself from running out of breathe at work. Cherry on top it provides you enough strength to dance around the kitchen on a stressful day!