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New Year’s Resolution: Maintain Weight!

When you start to work on maintaining your weight you’d find losing weight was only the easy part. It is exactly like sleeping as a millionaire and waking up as a homeless broke person. The workout you were so good at once now laughs at you while you are out of your breath. The main reason we want to quit at this turning point is we feel disgraced. The sweet craving and an increase in appetite keeps your mind distracted from the goals of fitness. Here usually you find the easy way out; you stop thinking about it.

Adopting workouts and healthy diet as a lifestyle will help you greatly and perfectly during the summer season. However things get rough during winters. If you succeed to maintain your weight during winter season consider it a much bigger achievement than losing weight. We don’t need to go through all the reasons we gain weight during winter for it might not help much. 

The thing you should focus on is ways to maintain weight no matter what season. Now winter makes you lazy so it calls for a vigorous motivation. Winter is the mountain you have to climb, the higher the accelerator the faster you get results on the other end, the favorable seasons. 

Now let’s picture how we get into this awkward situation in the first place. Mostly the excitement and the reward is the monster root cause. The day we start to see results everything gets out of control. At least now I deserve that one oil dipping ALOO KA PARATHA, just another piece of chocolate cake won’t hurt, just one bite of that juicy cheesy pizza! OK I need to stop before we get distracted, but isn't it how we trick ourselves off the fitness highway? 
Secondly the rewards we give ourselves are totally contradictory to our goals. Some facebook post read, “Don’t reward yourself with food, you are not a dog!” oh sure we all would easily agree to that as long as FOOD does not mean Chocolates! Bow wow?

It is not that hard either if you have a better control on yourself. See good management starts from your own self and how you plan, organize, lead and control. Obesity is simply the mismanagement of poor managers it includes you and me. So closely watch how you manage your diet after you have attained the desired results. For the body you are getting all the complements may slip through your fingers faster than water. 

Every New Year comes with endless opportunities and limitless reasons for you to keep going. Need to write something else or we’d have to change this blog’s name to Sweet Escape of Fitness Freaks! Before that need to help you change your mind about that oil dipping UNHEATHLY Aloo ka Paratha for we don’t want to look like an Aloo!