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Fitness: Little Changes

A friend of mine would always complain about not being able to exercise because her favorite site is blocked. Now that youtube is back in our country, I asked her if she followed an online workout routine and she literally paused to think of an updated valid excuse. I told her she is not invited to my wedding if she won’t shed off some weight. And instead of taking my threat seriously she told me she would come as the groom’s friend.

Oh well there are people who would never listen even if it’s for their own good. And then there are people who would leave you far behind in things you thought them. That reminds me of the girl I wrote about in  the post: Fitness: A True Story
This girl used to weight above 100 kg and now she is a gym instructor! And she has never been to a business school yet started running her own gym in a month! WTH?!! I was the one who made the best gym layout in Quality Management class. I was the one to plan and design the entire free promotion campaign for my gym in some class I attended out of boredom. All of my awarded and applauded hard work is rotting somewhere in the store room. Fitteh muh

*Sheds a tear* Anyway it all comes down to this, workout is a need. How many more unmet needs are you going to add to the baggage? 
Also that girl in the green tea Ad is telling you the truth. Green tea does work, especially for us Pakistanis. Only if we can switch from the regular desi-full-milk-tons-of-sugar tea after the meal to a green tea would do us a world of good. This heavy black Tea after meal slows down the digestion. Remember whatever goes wrong in your stomach would be visible on your face INSTANTLY. Whether it’s pimples or scars that just won’t fade away, trust me I know. And I also know all the rewards you get after switching to green tea.

If you can’t make these little changes to prove you care about yourself, who would? STAY FIT, STAY HAPPY!