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Saturday, 29 November 2014

STORY: A Research on Idiots!

When I entered the business research class, our teacher was writing something on the board. I quickly settled down and waved at my girls. The topic today was Qualitative Research. At first the lecture was interesting until this one irritatingly obnoxious guy started to speak. “Sir my question is shouldn't I always do Qualitative research in my business for I want Quality research?” he asked.

He confused ‘Quality’ with ‘Qualitative’ but sadly the teacher didn't quite get his stupid question. I couldn't stay quiet so I tried to explain him that quality has nothing to do with it. And 5 minutes later this guy went “But sir my question is still the same”. Then the smart guy came up with an awkward example to make his point clear. The example was if his refrigerator breaks down at his store he should do qualitative research because it will guarantee quality.
Okay that guy was blind for on the board the first thing under the Qualitative research was YOU ONLY DO THIS RESEARCH WHAT YOU CAN’T FIND THE PROBLEM (It is time consuming and very expensive). And this guy’s research problem is his sales decreased because of a broken refrigerator. Therefore he thinks he should call experts from all over the world to give their opinion on it for they will ensure quality in his business. WHAT?! At this point I felt like throwing my text book in his face and walking out of this mad classroom.

I explained and asked my teacher to write separate definitions of qualitative and quantitative on the board to clear out his confusion. The teacher looked at my face and said “Yes, yes you are RIGHT”. 
Oh GOD! I don’t need your appreciation focus on this dumb head.
Our teacher wasted one whole hour on his extremely vacuous rubbish. I explained again but this guy plainly ignored me as earlier. Apparently he cannot accept intelligent answers from a GIRL. 
There is a lot wrong with this man, I think someone should do a QUALITATIVE RESEARCH on this ignorant discriminating fool!
Now he was dragging it, everyone started to contribute and by that I mean shouting at each other. The time of class was over but the teacher won’t let us go for he was fascinated with this nonsense debate. I was finally relieved to walk out of that chaos when my brother came to pick me up.

Well that is one sad true story that I wanted to share with all of you. And ask your EXPERT opinion on how to deal with someone like that. Don’t you think knowledge is punishment when everyone around is ignorant?

Friday, 28 November 2014

Life Theory: Are you unpredictable?

“You are my strength sweetheart, you jump I jump” And then when you are halfway falling off that cliff you find they didn't jump! Opposite is what people always do of whatever they tell us. The wise person with golden advises to change your life is trapped in his own weaknesses. Yet they somehow set you free only when they give up on you. Simply to teach you how to fly, it’s just they come in the forms of miserably corrupt teachers.

People are unpredictable but one similar pattern that you’d find in them is they never do what they say the MOST. It’s not limited to just ‘saying’ or ‘actions’ it goes far beyond that. For instance my family hates cats in the house; they are very clear about it and have set boundaries for them. One day a stranger BIG cat entered our lawn where my little kittens were playing, my parents and siblings all ran out to scare away the bad guy. Whenever there is any threat to my three kittens my family is out there protecting them while I sit back and enjoy the show.

The friend of mine who says she ‘forget and forgives’ did the opposite when I made a tiny little mistake. The person who keeps saying “I NEVER LIE” if they actually acted like so they wouldn't have to keep saying it. The guy who says he loves his wife… oh well. Please don’t go crazy with this theory and doubt everyone around you. There is a fine line between who we are and what we try too hard to make others believe we are.
The price we pay for great achievements in life makes us humble for we start to realize we have control over nothing. Now we know our superpowers have limitations and tons of responsibilities. You would be amazed how people who talk low about themselves are actually the heroes. The laziest person around the place sometimes becomes the active leader in the times of crisis.

This theory has helped me understand the bigger picture and stay positive in life. I hope it helps you too. Plus we need to learn ‘who we are’ is precious and golden than who we act to be. So don’t believe what people say, observe what they do and remember it. Good thing about feelings is even a child never forgets how someone treated them.

On the other hand you don’t have to advertise your good traits whatever is beautiful stays beautiful. We lower our worth when we start to seek approval from others for our wonderful traits. Just keep doing whatever you are gifted for, the recognition and promotion comes for free.

Next time you are in the ‘you jump, I jump’ scenario, call for a plane ticket and fly off to a less dramatic place.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Life: I Hate That I Love You!

I was enjoying my favorite TV show, and eating marshmallows when the phone rang. It sounded like a horror movie climax before I realized it’s my friend crying. She had so much to say (in a language I couldn't get a word of) so I just tried to keep up with her.
The part where she ended was “I would give anything to go back to college”. My friend works in a prestigious organization and I am so proud of her. She is bright, hard working and a very nice person. Nice includes her simplicity and how she is always there for others. From here we can guess what the problem actually is: ‘Haters’.
Second month at her dream job and she is asking for a psychiatrist. Oh well life is like that. Although I couldn't go brutally honest RAPPER on her so instead I went ‘Awww baby’.  Then she made me tell her my own embarrassingly pathetic encounters with my critics. That wasn't a good idea for negative memories only turn into trauma inducing discussions.

This is something we all can relate to. There are always some people constantly making our life more miserable than it already is. Mostly it is jealousy, competition or no reason; where haters don’t even know why they hate you so much. One word ‘ignore’. Don’t talk about your haters, don’t think about them. However be nice to them, not to change their perception of you but simply out of pity. They can’t help being rude, we can’t help being nice that’s all.
This world was not made for naive and nice people. They belong to a place far better than this. They belong to paradise and will get there shining like diamonds. If your life is hard then you are on the right track.
I kept talking to her while making tea for my family and doing other chores around the house. After 1 hour of brainstorming she finally started to laugh at my lame jokes like always. I told her haters are only our retarded fans.
The key is to cherish the ones who love you the same on your success days. They deserve to be on your mind more than haters. Constantly remind yourself of your loved ones and admirers along with all the things you are grateful for.

So tell me what creative and positive ways you have to deal with situations like these? In the comments below give me one more way that I need to add in my (never) upcoming book  ‘101 ways to deal with your Retarded Fans’!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Youth: Every Piece of a Puzzle Counts

Fiercely clicking, replying to comments my friends were posting under a random funny video. With some difficulty I detached my eyes off facebook when I heard my dad calling.
 “Sit here and listen to this” He Point at TV where some old guy was speaking in a very calm tone. I sat on the opposite coach making effort to look interested where in my head I was like ‘Papa I was in the middle of something IMPORTANT!’
The topic was ‘Talent & Pakistani youth’ and how parents are ignorant of their own kid’s potential.
I don’t recall his exact speech so just sharing the essence of it.

‘If Parents and the youth themselves start to contribute with whatever talent they were gifted we can change this country. Only if one of you starts today, never think you alone cannot make a difference. Prophets were always alone against the world. ONE man who changed their nations only cause they were POSITIVE, MOTIVATED and had FAITH in ALLAH.’

That really moved me. He is a Muslim scholar IRFAN UL HAQ. People go to him to get their problems solved. He only restores their confidence. This man is so positive and a great motivation we all Pakistanis desperately need to listen. Unfortunately the word ‘CHANGE’ has become more of a cheesy joke lately in our country. Instead in reality it takes only you to fix your own life. This way all of us can make our substantial contribution in the progress.

Pakistani youth is exactly like Dexter from ‘Dexter’s laboratory’. We all have a secret laboratory our parents don’t know about or should never know about. Labs where we work hard and be who are really are. There we are recognized as geniuses, artists, poets, directors, admins, youtubers, vloggers, bloggers, and what not. In the eyes of our parents, we’re still worthless than those outdated floppy disks.
We have limited our Deen to Masjid, to wise and old, when it’s weaved in all aspects of life from the day we were born. It’s high time we realize that each and every piece of the puzzle counts. Along with that we need to work in one direction as a team. Start from fixing the immediate ones, your family.
Or you enjoy being Dexter; running around in circles in the time of CRISIS. More nerve-racking factor is we actually have a seriously annoying older sibling exactly like Dee Dee.
Da da da dam…

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Spirituality: We are One

I was travelling back home alone when I realized how one of the terribly boring places airports can be. Placing my handbag on my lap like a lady, I looked for my mobile with delicacy. Smiled reading an extremely important message from my friend named ‘Telenor’.  Forever*coughs*Alone
A few seats away I saw a little boy in his mid teens, lost in emptiness. He was well dressed but seemed mysteriously different. “Hi, I am Tayyaba, the famous motivational blogger you must have heard of.” I introduced making sure everyone around us heard.
He blinked then carelessly replied “Nope”. I faked a laugh saying “Always the same answer!” My lame attempt at wittiness went wasted as he continued to ignore me. I was about to give up when he asked what I write about. Now that’s my favorite topic so I went on and on bragging. Making it sound like I am THE celebrity whole world is desperately waiting for outside the next airport. Being me now, laughing carelessly, and talking not-so-lady-like. However my smile faded when he started to talk.

“I used to cut myself, I still have scars all over my body” he whispered. At first I thought it was his turn to joke around. I froze and waited for the cause behind such horrible act. “My parents used to fight.” He went on, “I started to blame myself for all the chaos, was too young to understand it all. So I’d cut myself and watch myself bleed, waiting to die.” Since I got extremely worried he assured me he was fine now for he plays guitar. He is an artist and his guitar helps him through it. Sadly from here his eyes started to disagree with his words and he could sense it too. Then followed the awkward frantic goodbyes and he left.

The extremely outrageous, monstrous, unspeakable things are always the most common things we humans can relate to. We need to talk about them no matter how dreadful or disturbing they are. Finding Problem or asking Question; is the first step towards solutions, peace and success. It’s a sign of intelligence and consciousness as long as your intentions are not evil.
Basic questions like: Why me? Where my prayers go? Why am I still alive? Why are we here? Why the evil wins here? And then there are so much more messed up questions in our heads. With an increase in your intelligence, your problems and questions would also grow.

There is only one way out of this phase: the Soul needs to be fixed.

You don’t have to grow a beard to understand Quran Kareem. And for non-Muslims, you don’t have to be Muslim to find answers to these basic human questions. Goodness, knowledge, wisdom, and peace don’t come with a price-tag. Quran Kareem holds such an active communication that it instantly starts to answer questions that just pop in your head while listening it. It will keep answering all your questions right there and then.  What keeps you from talking to the ONE who created you? The thirst for knowledge needs to be quenched. Or else on frustration it leads us to the dig our own graves while we are still alive. Save yourself!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Nightmares: Can you fall back to sleep NOW?

Sunday Morning: I was fast asleep when I felt a little girl walk into my room and climb up my bed. She shook my shoulder vigorously in attempt to wake me up. “Go away its Sunday” I mummer in a slurred voice. I pulled her closer, to stop her. She said “Wake up!” Her voice sounded too mature for her size. I slowly opened my eyes, to see a fully grown women smiling at me.
Before I could break free she stabbed me with something sharp and cold into my ribs! My expressions changed from smile to confusion, terror, and immense pain! I couldn't breathe. She yelled, “WAKE UP!” And stabbed me again! I tried to scream but no sound came out. She kept grinning wide like a psychopath. I woke up before she went for the third stab… I was in my room all alone, breathing heavy with my heart still racing.

It’s amazing how nightmares can feel so real. What if this life is a dream and whatever we dream of was actually the reality? Anyway since it was Sunday no one was up. I didn't feel like going back to sleep. Thanks to the brief research I did on nightmares in my psychology class. I recited a few Quran Kareem verses and went to sleep.
In my research I learned when a person wakes up from a nightmare, they wouldn't want to go back to sleep. For the fear that the dream would continue and also it seems too real. Although this reason is pretty legit but if this person stays up, it will do them more harm. It leads to sleeplessness that generates stress and anxiety. This in turn leads to more vicious and regular nightmares in future.
Another amazing thing we learned was nightmares doesn't only come from stress or depression. People who are creative and intelligent are more prone to nightmares than anyone else. So even if the happiest person on this planet gets nightmares why do we call it a sleep disorder?
If you think your nightmares are worse let me tell you this. One day I had a nightmare that was so messed up, that the moment I woke up, I jumped out of my bed. And ran to search for my Mother. Ahem, yeah I was 23 years old. My Ami was offering Salat, so I sat next to her. She found me motionless, with my eyes wide open. For about 45 minutes I didn't say a word.

I think nightmares only mean we are creative and awesome people. Still these awesome people need to find the cure. Psychology thought us the causes and that you need to go back to sleep, but how? Do you think it’s easy to fall back to sleep with a 100% risk to meet the same demons again?
Here our wonderful religion Islam teaches us the remedy. Dreams have three categories, first from ALLAH(SWT), second from the daily life and third from the devil. 
The nightmare is from the devil so recite any Surah or do Dikarullah. You would fall asleep in no time. A beautiful peaceful sleep and no more sleep disorders.
Please let me know your experiences and how you deal with it? Keep smiling!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Life: Our Problems are Hilarious!

The only crush won’t stop talking about their first love. The comforting intelligent best friend never replies back. A seriously retarded stalker hacked all the social network accounts. Maid is always on an endless maternity leave during every Final Exams. Future entrepreneur is stuck in the kitchen making burned cakes. GoCorruptionGo isn’t actually going anywhere. All the chocolates in the world ENDS in the next few years..!!! And you think you have problems?

One thing that you learn the hard way is; life goes on. It’s about time you drag along yours too, for no one cares. There will be a time when you’d be on your own. However the charm of living alone lasts for at least five minutes if you are lucky. You probably can make new friends even if it’s a football, like Tom hanks from the movie “Cast Away”. WARNING: It can’t google good times or auto-fill details like old friends.
The point is when life is a bed of chocolates, strawberries and cupcakes. Someday you’d fall off for the fact that someone will definitely EAT it.

The key is to thrive, prosper or in the most simple words just get along. Meanwhile figure out how your weakness gives you the sustainable competitive advantage over others. For it differentiates you and makes you stand out. Walt Disney Dumbo rings a bell? Great lessons are not limited to any source but are always around us.

Test of life would never be easy. The severely damaging expectations departments would never shut down. On the contrary you will always get everything you sincerely believe in. Like if you believe you will win, half of the success is already yours. Winner is not the one who works hard but the one who has the strongest faith.

Therefore there has to be a place to quench our humans built-in desire for a happily ever after. When you realize this life is merely a test and your kingdom awaits you! All of your problems would fade away. Insulted, humiliated, used, taken for granted, left alone, wrangled by your own expectations. Your grievance, pain, calamity doesn’t it take you a step closer to the substantial rewards?
Greater problems only mean you have profound strengths to face it. It’s certainly a remarkable bonus for you to level up. Thus be grateful that you are honored.

If you find this healing then read this article out loud to everyone you care for. Let’s be among the rare ones, who care