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Friday, 28 November 2014

Life Theory: Are you unpredictable?

“You are my strength sweetheart, you jump I jump” And then when you are halfway falling off that cliff you find they didn't jump! Opposite is what people always do of whatever they tell us. The wise person with golden advises to change your life is trapped in his own weaknesses. Yet they somehow set you free only when they give up on you. Simply to teach you how to fly, it’s just they come in the forms of miserably corrupt teachers.

People are unpredictable but one similar pattern that you’d find in them is they never do what they say the MOST. It’s not limited to just ‘saying’ or ‘actions’ it goes far beyond that. For instance my family hates cats in the house; they are very clear about it and have set boundaries for them. One day a stranger BIG cat entered our lawn where my little kittens were playing, my parents and siblings all ran out to scare away the bad guy. Whenever there is any threat to my three kittens my family is out there protecting them while I sit back and enjoy the show.

The friend of mine who says she ‘forget and forgives’ did the opposite when I made a tiny little mistake. The person who keeps saying “I NEVER LIE” if they actually acted like so they wouldn't have to keep saying it. The guy who says he loves his wife… oh well. Please don’t go crazy with this theory and doubt everyone around you. There is a fine line between who we are and what we try too hard to make others believe we are.
The price we pay for great achievements in life makes us humble for we start to realize we have control over nothing. Now we know our superpowers have limitations and tons of responsibilities. You would be amazed how people who talk low about themselves are actually the heroes. The laziest person around the place sometimes becomes the active leader in the times of crisis.

This theory has helped me understand the bigger picture and stay positive in life. I hope it helps you too. Plus we need to learn ‘who we are’ is precious and golden than who we act to be. So don’t believe what people say, observe what they do and remember it. Good thing about feelings is even a child never forgets how someone treated them.

On the other hand you don’t have to advertise your good traits whatever is beautiful stays beautiful. We lower our worth when we start to seek approval from others for our wonderful traits. Just keep doing whatever you are gifted for, the recognition and promotion comes for free.

Next time you are in the ‘you jump, I jump’ scenario, call for a plane ticket and fly off to a less dramatic place.