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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Spirituality: We are One

I was travelling back home alone when I realized how one of the terribly boring places airports can be. Placing my handbag on my lap like a lady, I looked for my mobile with delicacy. Smiled reading an extremely important message from my friend named ‘Telenor’.  Forever*coughs*Alone
A few seats away I saw a little boy in his mid teens, lost in emptiness. He was well dressed but seemed mysteriously different. “Hi, I am Tayyaba, the famous motivational blogger you must have heard of.” I introduced making sure everyone around us heard.
He blinked then carelessly replied “Nope”. I faked a laugh saying “Always the same answer!” My lame attempt at wittiness went wasted as he continued to ignore me. I was about to give up when he asked what I write about. Now that’s my favorite topic so I went on and on bragging. Making it sound like I am THE celebrity whole world is desperately waiting for outside the next airport. Being me now, laughing carelessly, and talking not-so-lady-like. However my smile faded when he started to talk.

“I used to cut myself, I still have scars all over my body” he whispered. At first I thought it was his turn to joke around. I froze and waited for the cause behind such horrible act. “My parents used to fight.” He went on, “I started to blame myself for all the chaos, was too young to understand it all. So I’d cut myself and watch myself bleed, waiting to die.” Since I got extremely worried he assured me he was fine now for he plays guitar. He is an artist and his guitar helps him through it. Sadly from here his eyes started to disagree with his words and he could sense it too. Then followed the awkward frantic goodbyes and he left.

The extremely outrageous, monstrous, unspeakable things are always the most common things we humans can relate to. We need to talk about them no matter how dreadful or disturbing they are. Finding Problem or asking Question; is the first step towards solutions, peace and success. It’s a sign of intelligence and consciousness as long as your intentions are not evil.
Basic questions like: Why me? Where my prayers go? Why am I still alive? Why are we here? Why the evil wins here? And then there are so much more messed up questions in our heads. With an increase in your intelligence, your problems and questions would also grow.

There is only one way out of this phase: the Soul needs to be fixed.

You don’t have to grow a beard to understand Quran Kareem. And for non-Muslims, you don’t have to be Muslim to find answers to these basic human questions. Goodness, knowledge, wisdom, and peace don’t come with a price-tag. Quran Kareem holds such an active communication that it instantly starts to answer questions that just pop in your head while listening it. It will keep answering all your questions right there and then.  What keeps you from talking to the ONE who created you? The thirst for knowledge needs to be quenched. Or else on frustration it leads us to the dig our own graves while we are still alive. Save yourself!