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Fitness: When There Is NO Motivation!

What motivates you when there is no motivation?

Let’s say you don’t have an access to your computer or phone where you can see half-naked people with photoshopped unrealistic bodies to encourage a workout. And let’s say you only have 20 minutes on hand and there is no way to find a push to get you off that couch.

Here’s the thing, when you depend on external sources for motivation, you may face various obstacles at times:
One: You may NOT have access to it some days.
Two: You can easily get carried away and end up wasting your free time instead of using it to achieve your actual goals. Sounds familiar?
Three: When you get depended on these external sources, you can’t work on generating the internal drive and desire to reach your goals.

Note: Consider these obstacles for any goal in life, whether it’s your diet improvements, work or projects.

Okay back to lying on the couch and finding ways to keep ourselves from turning into potatoes. They say to adopt a new habit, set a trigger for it. Once you pull this off for almost a month and BAM! You have a new hard to avoid healthy habit already!

It reminds me of a sitcom, where they showed a chubby guy who would wear his grandma’s dress to respond to his the problems sent by his audience on the blog. Well then in the show his brother finds it out in a funny embarrassing situation and makes him change his trigger to something sensible. Anyway the point is no matter how silly your trigger may be it will help you get there.

Wearing your sneakers, sweat shirt or whatever prompts you.  

Now stop reading and start working! Go Go GO!