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Weight loss: How to lose Belly fat?

Are you doing Abs workouts to lose belly fat? Stop! You are doing it wrong. Abs workouts are there to help you build abs, not lose fat!

Our mistake is we fantasize too much. We start doing abs exercising hoping to magically wake up with six packs the next day. Guess what these abs workouts start to grow your abdominal muscles under your belly fat. This way you end up getting a stiff yet fatter stomach. That is far worse and harder to shed than the belly you started with. Oops!

Those of you who do Abs workouts already know how many things can go wrong. The trainer would tell you to keep your focus on your abs while you do the exercise. Like with crunches, don’t let your stomach bulge out. Keep your back on the floor. Sometimes they just ignore the damage it can do on other parts of the body. What about the pain in the neck from the crunches? There are so many things to be careful about.

Here’s my advice, avoid abs workouts entirely. Those fitness freaks you see posters of, are working to build muscles not lose that jiggle. See my point?

However everybody is different, you’d have to experiment yourself to see what works for you.

 Now you’d ask, ‘if I don’t do abs workout how would I lose belly fat?’

Let’s do it RIGHT:

Start your workout session with a warm up, and then only 5 or 10 minutes of cardio; follow it up by low impact to medium intensity workouts. If you can do HIIT workouts, even better!

Remember your goal is to lose FAT. Your body doesn’t work like segments, it works like one unit. When your body is in need for energy to help you move with intensity and strength, fat will be burn no matter where it is hiding.

This is why they tell us to keep going even when we start to feel like giving up. It’s never the first round where the work happens; it’s the final round for the workout. You want to lose belly fat, just focus on losing fat; you’d get there faster than anyone doing crunches or sit-ups.