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Fitness: A True Story

Primarily this title is chosen to confirm I've witnessed it. And also to make you think the rest of my embarrassing stories aren't true. Remember when I said it’s OK to put on some weight during winter. I take my words back and here is why...
It's about a girl who used to complete the shape CIRCLE of any heterogeneous classroom. This girl has always been that chubby little kid who LIVES to eat. As she grew older the same sweet comments turned into quite hurtful or offensive nicknames. However I awarded her with a cute one: Moto (meaning fat girl). One day she came to my place and before I could do our peculiar hand shake thing she hugs me tight and starts to cry. I didn't have to ask why. (Oh that rhymes)

For about an hour I played “MISS WISE” throwing quotes after quotes at her making it worse. Finally I showed her a workout routine and convinced her to join. I thought it would be easy. Sadly it became more of a tiring infinite battle. We begin, she follow for a week and then disappear. Next month I see my friend even more frustrated and depressed, plus with more weight on. Our every encounter made her mad enough to start a crash diet and INSANITY level exercises. 
Frequently the blame would be on genetics, siblings, chores or workload. Sometimes the excuses would be as dumb as “I didn't workout cause it’s summer and I’ll get all sweaty!” Thus this crazy cycle continued for months and everyone started to lose hope in her. All that effort to keep her motivated began to clash with her lack of will. It seemed as if positive peer pressure drains her more among all other negative influences. Out of this confusion we started to visit each other less often than ever. 

Four months earlier in October she was about 90 kg, and today I met her with my jaw dropped on the floor, 70 kg? She lost 20 kg in the coldest months! For the first time in life she proved everyone wrong including herself. My girl is more fun than ever and it’s obvious why. She exchanged that fat for the glow, the serenity and happiness everyone can see on her face. Moreover now we can greet her with “Hello Moto!” without having to run for our lives.

The sad part is she didn't grant me any space to brag about my unutilized persuasion skills. Still I’m proud of my Motto. There is something more powerful than outside motivation, it’s finally deciding what you really want.  It’s always brighter and inevitable when the light shines from within.  If you really want it, you would dig tunnels through concrete to OWN it.