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Solutions: Tired of the Drama?

We all can relate to a situation where some restless stalker won’t stop bugging us. All you get is an increase in the number of unanswered junk messages each day. “What a weirdo!” Only if they knew you are too busy texting someone else. Who is also ignoring you probably thinking the same thing about you “What a weirdo!” Sometimes life gets so dramatic that it’s better than the highest rating, best show on TV. 
Drama in life is like badly tangled earphones. The fast you try to solve it the more you mess up. Sometimes it’s better to just keep away from the quicksand. Why look for ways to deal with it when you can entirely escape all the chaos. There are various escapes the moment you start to sense it. And not when you have made all the mess or it’s too late. If need be, we are not cowards but the knights who face it. In the meantime knights too need a place to heal, unwind and rebuild themselves. It’s called the Hiding place.

Hiding place should be something that complements us. Kind of place where you are comfortable and which allow you effective brainstorming. When it comes to hiding places, we can be distinctive and creative.
 My business teacher who was also a priest told us his unique way to deal with stress. He would sit for hours in a MUSLIM MASJID to calm himself. On hearing that for the first time we blinked with bewildered faces for he was a Non-Muslim. Then he explained that Masjid is the only place where people gain and disperse POSITIVE energy alone. Neither do they talk evil about others, nor do they advertise their own problems. In fact they get peace, strengths and solutions for their worries from the Masjid (the house of ALLAH). Now that is the smartest place to hide in the history.

No matter how much dreaded solitude maybe it still brings out the best in us. You can never shine until you know who you are. We all have a role to play here, and were gifted strengths for it. We don’t have time for these childish games or drama. Every rising sun brings with it another mission, vision and reason for you to shine brighter than yesterday. The place you pray will always nurture and grow you. Just sitting in those surroundings will be soothing enough to help you find solutions. Therefore even when you are not praying take a few minutes out of your hectic day to heal. Get enough strength you need to make it to another blessed sunrise!