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Monday, 18 November 2013

You vs. Friendship

Many times in life people would offer you relationships only against some favors. These favors being the unethical tasks you probably would like to avoid.  Such decisions are hard to take since you don’t know the results of either of them. Still such situations keep coming to challenge our moral judgments.

This is how these people would phrase it; ‘It’s either you do it and win our friendship, or you don’t do it and lose our friendship.’
And now this is how your moral instincts would see it, either you do it and lose yourself or don’t do it and win yourself.

If you do it for Friendship:
Let’s suppose they are your only friends and this friendship matters.  You would do this unethical task and become their best friends forever. And that’s the end of it.

No! Sadly this is just the beginning of your destruction.
You would become a best slave forever who works for free! Now that they know you would do anything to save this relation, they would start manipulating you. Congratulations you won yourself masters but not friends.

Well you saved this friendship to be happy, then why this puppet sad? Yes puppet is what you made yourself. Even scarifying yourself didn’t win you their friendship. So eventually you lose this friendship both ways.

Friendship certainly is a precious relation but since when did it become a selling item? See how you made an utterly self destructive choice.

If you don’t do it for your Moral Self:
Now for the moral choice you surely would lose their friendship instantly. Since its human nature no matter how mean they are, you would still feel anxious for a while. The good part is anxiety never breaks you; it only hits you to the ground. So here is my advice, take this fall then rise up and get back in the race again.

Definitely no one wants to lose friends regardless of what personality or nature they have. Nevertheless when I say friends I mean friends not some disguised agents of a company who came to buy you as their essential product.

Now you see you didn’t lose anything at all. You can never lose something you never had in the first place. You would know you made the right decision. Cheers! You won yourself self-respect and also the respect of others.

That’s not all you still have more reasons to be happy. Now you know that they find you valuable, superior, priceless and also wise. And the reason to laugh is, they thought you had a price tag.

Hence proved you do yourself right only by doing the RIGHT things in life. Always do the right thing no matter what it costs you. Trust me the cost would always be insignificant to the incredible results you would get. Stay Blessed!