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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

UN-Recognized : WHO YOU ARE

There was this guy at my institute who would play beats on the rostrum during our short breaks. It was amazing to see how he could understand every single beat of a song and play it. Anybody could spot him as a potential musician.

One day I couldn't resist but ask him about his plans concerning his music talent.  That day I found this guy was not only talented but also very passionate about music.
He told me he would follow his dreams after completing his studies, getting a decent job and then settling in life.
He unveiled a long list of his present commitments. At the end he firmly added that one day he would become a musician. There was a long pause then I smiled at him sadly. Unfortunately all his friends agreed with him except for me.

Now let’s see how it actually goes in real life. This guy will keep holding his passion for other important stuff like studies, jobs and then marriage. Funny how he lacks to see that it does not stop here. With time responsibilities and commitments would multiply.  It would only be too late to realize the sweet easygoing life has slipped away. The once passion would now become his obsession. Miserably then he would not have the strength to reach it. “Obsession is a young man’s game” as the old man says in the movie The Prestige. In the end life passes by but life never happened.

So my friend would you wait till all your youth, vitality and spirit has drained away along with your passions? 
Remember what Saito says in the movie Inception,
"Don't you want to take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone!"

Regardless of how hectic life you live passion, aspiration and ambition make way for itself. Initially it may seem difficult but nothing is impossible. Once you start following your heart your desires would drive you to success.

Certainly nothing in this life is worth keeping a hold on your dreams. Dreams are ambiguous and recognizes no boundaries no limits. No matter how crazy, absurd or impractical your dreams may seem they are meant to be that way for a reason. The reason is they make you special, remarkable and extraordinary. Your dreams make who you are.

You just get one chance, live it or lose it. Youth is your only chance. Now is the right time, you have the right energy and the strengths. Here is my advice, start following your dreams today. Go on and let your sparkle surprise yourself and everyone around you.  Show the world, what you are worth. Show them who you really are!