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Saturday, 9 November 2013


Note: Story of VII grade. I wrote this back in my school days.

I still remember them like yesterday, all those carefree days at school.
 It was August and it had rained last night so we were very excited to go to school.
As usual I went to leave my bag upstairs in the classroom and came downstairs to search for my friends. I had to walk to my friends who were standing at the other end of the school wall across the ground. I was walking on the track which runs along the school ground but unfortunately I was blocked by my juniors standing in a big circle. I decided to walk through the ground instead of breaking through the enthusiastic group of boys and girls. As I stepped into the ground which looked pretty much dry, the next moment I found myself sitting in a big pond of mud, and people starring at me, as much shocked as I were.

I can’t say the same for my friends because they were so used to it. I was the tallest girl at school and very much jumpy and skinny, always running, laughing and falling everywhere. Once I broke my arm while playing with the 1st grade kids. And next day when I told my teacher what happened, my classmates busted into laughter including the teacher which I still wonder why?

Anyway this time it was different and much more embarrassing. So then I managed to stand up and look at myself. My shoes, my uniform all were filled with mud, making me look like a donut dipped in chocolate. I was always very conscious about my uniform but looking it like that at the beginning of the day was really shocking.
 My friends who were now standing by me, told me to go upstairs and wash it, so I did as they said. I washed it off but the only thing that looked a bit better were my shoes and my uniform turned out to be messier than ever. I wished for my fairy godmother, which never showed up and then I realized I don’t have one. Not that I believe in them… phhht…
I came downstairs and went to my Headmistress with my friends to ask permission to stay in the classroom. We were not allowed to stay in classrooms before assembly nor during it. At first she was too shocked to say anything when she saw me. Since she knew me as one of the most neat and tidy girl. Then she smiled and said with a big NO, that it’s not possible, I had to attend the assembly. How sweet of her…

I tried again but she just walked away as the bell rang. I learned two lessens that day; first, things are not always what they seems to be especially muddy ground that looks dry. Second, my Headmistress never had slipped in the mud pond, that’s why she didn't understand my feelings. So I went to attend the assembly with everyone staring at me and giggling.

I stood there cursing my height which always makes it impossible to let me go unnoticed. I wished to zap myself away or hide somewhere. Standing there felt like forever but the rest of the day wasn't that bad. It had started to rain again and we were too excited to study anymore. Someone said “why don’t we go out and study” we all started laughing; actually we were so excited that we would have laughed at almost anything.

Teachers trying too hard to drag our eyes and minds back to the lecture from the windows where we could see rain fall heavily. Soon they finally gave up and let us go out to enjoy the rain. It has never rained like that before.

We rushed out like ants into corridors, downstairs and finally to the ground. Headmistress announced that we could go home but those who waiting there vans and cars can stay and wait. But my friends didn't leave even those who could nor did I call for my car, because it felt so good to watch the rain pour just standing there. 

There was nothing as beautiful as our school building and trees that bathed in rain. We stood there watching children play and everyone smiling at each other for no reason at all. As if rain has washed away all our worries. The good thing was no one remembered anything about me falling, including me. There was no yesterday or tomorrow just today that seemed endless and eternal. We just stood there talking, laughing and enjoying the cool summer rain adding another beautiful day to our memories.