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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


As I sit here in my favorite cafe flipping the teabag label in my fingers gazing outside the window beside me. I wonder how quickly people adjust with the situations they are in.  Some people are good adapters, they quickly adapt to the new trends relationship brings with it. Whereas others might take a life time just to fit in this new relation.

One thing that I have learned the hard way is somehow we are and no one else is responsible for the circumstances we find ourselves in. If I blame someone else I would be wrong. Whatever I am today and whatever the situation I’m in, is all my own creation. You can never be happy in your life if you go on blaming others for everything. This life is yours and will result in good or bad based on only and only your own actions. This is another mistake we make in our relationships we keep on blaming the other person. It’s never about who did what it’s about what you do and how it is going to affect your life.

If they are the right person you would always care for.  Then why not be mature enough to talk, just talk that’s all you ever need. Talk to them no matter how panicked you are, or how mad you get. Remember only pain would result if you ignore. And when I say talk, I mean talk in panic situations, because anyone can talk easily in good times. However talk is hard when things are not going right. The couples that last a lifetime are the ones who can talk even when it’s hard.

In every relationship one person is always stronger and only guardian of it. And this person keeps on holding hard on all the gaps in the relationship. And when this stronger person gives up the relation is likely to end. This person is the optimist but sadly the one who is taken for granted the most.

When it doesn't work, don’t stay because you have been together for so many years. Time would not change that person it would only make you get used to of the tolerance. If you stay counting your years, it would just end up adding years of chaos you’d be regretful for one day…

Think of it this way, you made a huge investment and all you are getting in return are losses, would you keep on investing? Same goes for a relationship; we invest our time and efforts in a person, and if you do not get the same amount of love and care returned, it would hurt. It would only incur losses and by that I mean pain and regrets. No matter how much a person is crazy in love, people know when they are taken for granted. And one day they pick their broken self and leave.

It’s not the number of days, weeks or years you spent with a person but it’s about the priority given, the time invested and the efforts made for the person you love. This should be balanced on both sides or else both will lose.

At the end of the day you would find, it is never about funny, smart or rich person. It’s about the one who stays, who stands with you when the rest of the world leaves, and who was always there for you… 
I hope it helps and wish you a very happy life....