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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Last Hope

Our life is just an unsolved mystery
Future unsure and the rest is history
All precious moments were spent in haste
I tried my best but it’s gone to waste
Sometime I find it hard to see
In future what and where I’ll be
Another hope died another shattered dream
And down my face hot tears stream
As I sit there with my hands tied
Hiding my face I bitterly cried
I tore away pages and everything in sight
No matter what I do, this burden won’t light
I want to runaway I want to scream
Scatter in pieces everything I dream
But then she came and found me crying
The person who had seen me trying
She came to me holding a guide book
In those sad eyes I didn’t dare look
Before I moved she held my hands
I never show it but she understands
She always knows how I feel
And she is always there to heel
She told me that I will succeed
She knows her faith is all I need
Her smile told me what she meant
Handed me the book away she went
So I started on it with all the strength I had
Expecting failure, but succeeded instead
Then I ran to the room where she slept
With a note saying “Thanks Mother” I left
No matter how hard my life may be

My mother, my last hope stays with me

Note: I wrote this poem eight years ago, in 2005...