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Saturday, 9 November 2013


We communicate with so many people every day. Ever thought how seldom do we really understand them? Among all the things our nation is deprived of; Understanding is an essential element.

We lack to understand why a person is furious. We would just consider them rude. Judging others before the real cause behind the fury is considered.  Stress from a traffic jam, or an argument with a loved one. Any other life’s tragedy or failure faced. People can be very unpredictable. They would never tell you every detail. Their current status would not always be on facebook. It would be on their faces only if we could read. One should be a good reader. Since the rest depends on your understanding.

Big companies struggle to understand their customers. At first understand customer requirements. Subsequently set strategies to fulfill these requirements effectively and efficiently. In order to show they care about their customers. This is not just one shot but an ongoing process. Hence in return companies get customer loyalty.  As a result they get successful.
My experience tells me this phenomenon does not limit to business alone. Let me show you how fits to our daily life.

In a class room who is the brilliant student? The one who knows answer to all questions ask? No. The brilliant student is one who understands the teacher best. Understanding what teacher requires. Sometimes teacher doesn't want the right answer. All they want to see is the right attitude.  

Although it might not apply to all teachers therefore it’s not easy to understand them on the first day. It depends on your capability to understand people, the sooner the better. Trying to understand is better than not trying at all.

Another example from my daily life: a good cook is not the one who can cook best food in the world. Or one who knows all recipes in the world. A good cook is one who can adjust to every person’s tastes.  People can have so many different tastes. Not just spice differences. Moreover they fancy different cooking styles. A good cook would ask, understand and try to fulfill every person’s requirements. It is not an easy task. Sometimes they have to skip some steps. Other times adding some steps in cooking process. Their perfect adjustment to all tastes is what makes them a Good Cook.

From these illustrations it is obvious that best is one who is flexible. In your daily life leave a room for understanding others. Understanding your loved ones is a way to show you care. Sometimes understanding is all they need from us. When you would understand life would become much easier. Many problems in our life roots to lack of understanding. 

Understanding also means accepting differences of people. Respecting their likes and dislikes without criticizing. Realizing that everyone is special just as they are. Making others feel special only by these little efforts can bring huge constructive changes in your life.. Remember respect given is respect gained. Now smile if you understand me… =)