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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Life: Our Problems are Hilarious!

The only crush won’t stop talking about their first love. The comforting intelligent best friend never replies back. A seriously retarded stalker hacked all the social network accounts. Maid is always on an endless maternity leave during every Final Exams. Future entrepreneur is stuck in the kitchen making burned cakes. GoCorruptionGo isn’t actually going anywhere. All the chocolates in the world ENDS in the next few years..!!! And you think you have problems?

One thing that you learn the hard way is; life goes on. It’s about time you drag along yours too, for no one cares. There will be a time when you’d be on your own. However the charm of living alone lasts for at least five minutes if you are lucky. You probably can make new friends even if it’s a football, like Tom hanks from the movie “Cast Away”. WARNING: It can’t google good times or auto-fill details like old friends.
The point is when life is a bed of chocolates, strawberries and cupcakes. Someday you’d fall off for the fact that someone will definitely EAT it.

The key is to thrive, prosper or in the most simple words just get along. Meanwhile figure out how your weakness gives you the sustainable competitive advantage over others. For it differentiates you and makes you stand out. Walt Disney Dumbo rings a bell? Great lessons are not limited to any source but are always around us.

Test of life would never be easy. The severely damaging expectations departments would never shut down. On the contrary you will always get everything you sincerely believe in. Like if you believe you will win, half of the success is already yours. Winner is not the one who works hard but the one who has the strongest faith.

Therefore there has to be a place to quench our humans built-in desire for a happily ever after. When you realize this life is merely a test and your kingdom awaits you! All of your problems would fade away. Insulted, humiliated, used, taken for granted, left alone, wrangled by your own expectations. Your grievance, pain, calamity doesn’t it take you a step closer to the substantial rewards?
Greater problems only mean you have profound strengths to face it. It’s certainly a remarkable bonus for you to level up. Thus be grateful that you are honored.

If you find this healing then read this article out loud to everyone you care for. Let’s be among the rare ones, who care