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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Be Positive: What type of FRIEND are you?

One day an old friend told me his astonishingly absurd philosophy about people. He believes people only reach you when they need your help. And by need he meant when they are in serious trouble. Not only that but he is more than willing to defend his point of view. I totally disagree but sometimes it’s better to win your retarded old friend over fixing their hopeless perceptions.

People are multicolored and this color pattern keeps innovating. They reach us for more beautiful reasons then we can ever understand. It’s above and beyond our measure. Sometimes they themselves don’t know. There are many more complex feelings in humans than you have seen on T.V.
How can we forget the immense favors of those old friends who approach you only once in a year? Each year they have the same two words for you, also expressed with exact same pretended excitement. Yep, those two words; Happy birthday!

And what about the type of friends who laugh at your joke and suddenly look at you with the dreadful straight face. As if they only laughed to make you feel good. You were not actually funny. Then you transform from mid laugh face to awkward confused-face trying to figure out what just happened.
Also that messed up freak with the selfie disorder, sending you their selfies for no reason. (Not that I’m complaining). Upon that all their selfies have the same exact bizarre duck-face. Although you’d admit they went a little too far when all their wedding photos have the same disturbing “distinctive selfie face”.

What about those not so secret admirers, the stalkers, the rivals, the haters or the obsessed freaks who bug you for no reason at all. Friends who count on you and friends who think they can count on you. Then there will always be strangers with issues who know you can’t solve their problems nor you care to listen but they tell you anyway.

There were many reasons to disagree. First it’s too pessimist thinking of a person with low self-esteem. Second it’s too stereotype. People are unpredictable, complicated and different so it’s not fair to label them under just one idea.
If you think people only reach you when they are in trouble then you will only meet people of that type. That’s just how life is in this world; you keep expecting good things you may start to get a little good luck. But when you start to expect negative things it will throw much worse in your face than your expectations. 

Thus stay positive, live happy and let me know what other crazy reasons people reach you for in comments below!