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Monday, 1 December 2014

Solutions: Forgetful? You won't FORGET this!

Once our professor joked about how his date of birth is a national holiday and hard to forget. If it’s that easy I thought I’d remember it. Two weeks later I was stunned to hear his birthday was last week. I told him I thought he said 32nd March! I know it sounds like an awful lies but trust me forgetfulness is one tricky twisted thing. I did remember the numbers, only flipped them, which might be some other wicked game of the mind. And what do you call forgetting calendars don’t have date 32nd?

Recently I read an article on zoning out. It explained how psychologists have found zoning out is simply our mind’s time management. Hence whenever we involve in routine tasks our mind unconsciously diverts its attention to crucial problems we are facing. Wow! And it makes sense as we know mind itself deletes unnecessary excessive memory without our awareness. Maybe the reason we forget names of some people or who they are unconsciously, is not so unconscious. This thought expressed in detail can get me in so much trouble, so yeah moving on.

Let’s jump to the solutions before I suddenly start to share blueberry cheese cake recipes. Here are some solutions which probably all forgetful people have already tried and still forget everything.

TricksNumbers have genders and relationships; it helped me learn Mathematical Tables. Now I want you to forget what you just read. Delete, delete, Delete! The point is tricks are tailor made for you; they break down the whole puzzle into small pieces only you have access to. Plus it’s fun or probably downright retarded. Still helps.

WriteIt is straightforward and we all were taught this at school. Unfortunately its benefit limits to places where you have access to writing devices. However we get outstanding ideas in the most awkward places if you know what I mean.

External helpThis is to ask your friends and family to remind you. It never worked for me; anyone I ask always forgets to remind me. And then they would blame it on you.

RemindersThis one is a waste of time for we all know you will forget to set a reminder. A forgetful person most likely needs a reminder to remind them to set a reminder.  So let’s just skip it.

Conversion: This is a bit hard but surely work wonders if you do it right. Connect it to past unforgettable experiences of your long term memory. I do it to remember difficult concepts.

Now the best one that really works is: you tell yourself ‘it is important’! Yeah it’s that simple. Don’t sweat it’s a part of being human that’s all. Did you know the Arabic word INSAAN means ‘TO FORGET’? Be thankful it’s not memory loss problem or you’d still be reading the first paragraph for the third time. 
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