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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Spirituality: Does it set you FREE?

Have you ever felt as worthless as the dirt from the sides of the road? Like the weightless dust that blindly follows anyone and everyone with great fondness. Rushing to grab that one thing you have always dreamed of. Then wiped off of their windscreens where you thought you had become a part of it. Thrown right back where you started from: the road. Or that water which transforms into whatever it merges in. You can be all of it and any of it. Who cares who you are; just be a part of it, do what all do. Other times sticking to their shoes, accompanying them everywhere they go. Happy that they take you places and finally it means something. Then you are left on the doormat, as they would never let you in. Such is our relationships with people we are crazy for.

A human can never return the love a human is capable of giving. You find answers the day you give up trying and chasing them. The one you waste it all for won’t care as long as you care. You are part of the system and you can reverse it by walking away. Now some would use it as a trick to get the attention and end up suffering more. It’s not a game. People know when exactly you act like you don’t care and when you actually don’t care. They would start treating you exactly like before once they are sure you are back in the mess they enjoy.

However when you want to break free from this awful system there has to be something powerful on the other end. Now I won’t say health, wealth, baking, workout, work, passion, obsession, can set you free, NO IT CAN’T. How about we keep it real? It all starts and ends on one word: ALLAH. Search for Him get to know Him and see for yourself. See how it all is so different from what the society taught us. He is more beautiful than you know. 
ALLAH is the only one who can actually return that immense love you have the tendency to give. Far beyond the little love of the man: who was created weak and forgetful. We humans are ungrateful, forgetful and upon that we want someone to be there for us, understand us, protect us, and always forgive us. Perfection can never be described in the words of an imperfect being, but can only be felt. Your parents taught you what Islam, Salat and Supplication is but can they explain that experience?

Ever seen people who can be better than angels one day but worse than devil on the next? Yet crying on the day they are worse for they know where they stand. Who is better between (A) a wretched sinner who is guilty, conscious of ALLAH, and repents (B) an innocent who only worships his work, job and career?

Maybe someday it helps you figure if it’s worth the price you pay. So how many disappointments will it take you to realize you achieve nothing by chasing materials or human? If it breaks in then why not search, communicate and submit to the ONE who created you?