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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Youth: Are you Muslim and Pakistani at the same time?

Latest cool cultures for Wannabes: Constantly Joke about how miserable your country is, curse it and blame it on others, criticize everyone for your failures in life and hit repeat the next day. This virus doesn't stop to an individual or social Media. Unfortunately this culture goes around many other trusted sources. Let’s remind our friends they are Pakistanis too, not the prince of Liechtenstein!

Fear of rejection: I overheard a business student complain regarding the biased approach to recruitment prevailing in our country. And according to his perception only 5% are actual deserving candidates to get the job. So why can’t he be among those 5%? Yep you solved the puzzle.
Crime popularity holds our focus on negativity. Fear is increased so much that it scares away talent. Throw your TV out of the window, it has no good news. Fear is a harmful waste product and should be treated like that. Factories don’t process on waste products they get rid of it in a positive way. You need your mind to work more on finding ways to accomplish your goals.

Weird Attitudes: I am an average Muslim still I hate when we Pakistanis make fun of characters and judge our Muslim brothers and sisters for their outlook.
People trying to Practice Islam to their potentials, already have harder trails than an average Muslim. They have bigger Heart disease called “Arrogance” to fight with everyday. We start to expect all the religion from anyone who starts to dress like a Muslim.
“Well he has a beard, he should AT-LEAST act like an angel!” They are still human, struggling with their own selves. And upon that we make it so hard for them. Have we never been to a crazy place called empathy?

You cannot say anything good about your homeland, your people, yourself and your future than please don’t bother saying anything at all. What example are we setting? This country started from scratch and in much worse conditions than today. However those Pakistanis were positive, religious, loyal and grateful people. We lost that unconditional love for Islam and Pakistan in the dust of continuous negative attacks.

Why can’t we be practicing Muslims and Pakistanis at the same time? Ouch! That hurt. Let’s face it we constantly play zigzag tug-of-war in between awkward cultures and Islam.  Road to success is not zigzag. You either follow Islam or you don’t. Hmm, aren't we doing it all wrong?