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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

It’s not winter yet… Achoo!

In the city where winter sale arrives a few weeks earlier than winter season, comes a mediocre weather. I like to call it the confusion period where blanket means too hot and No blanket means too cold. Scorching Sun with cold winds would always invite some unpleasant friends.  Common cold, viral fever, sinus allergies or whatever type, gets a vast majority sick.

“Seasonal allergies” is overused term, so I came up with “Wintcreeps”. Eww? At least creative and less eww than my first too geeky thought: SPYWARE?

According to my experience there are a few mistakes we repeatedly make and let these bad guys win. Follow these simple rules and you will make it safe to the winters:

Rule 1: Cold Water

This one is the major cause at large and there is a reason for it to be. Scorching heat in the day time makes you crave ice-cold water. And in the following cold night, an unpleasant surprise awaits you. Switch to room temperature water, this little sacrifice can save your whole family much trouble.

Rule 2: Dress Right

Even if it’s disguised and confused, start to believe winter is already here. If it can give you a cold then start to work against it. This would be too much to ask from guys. My brother goes out at night in the exact John Cena like get-up all through December. And we know he would consider outfit changes only when he gets a cold, the second time. It is NOT COOL!

Rule 3: Eat Right

This is the point where only one ice-cream scoop and you would have a sore throat the next day. So please STOP! How about peanuts, boiled eggs, hot tea, or maybe coffee, don’t these already sound a lot better substitutes? Not just better, they also sound soothing.

Rule 4: Make Changes

Be more serious when you are preparing for sneaky spy winter before the actual winter. For it is much worse. Keep doors shut and fans switched off especially in the night time. Fetch and provide blankets to each and every member of the family, even if they make fun of you. And yes they will.

Rule 5: Spread the Word!

Since these WINTCREEPS are highly contagious thus only protecting yourself is not enough. Start to make the changes around the house. Make your family aware and adapt to these changes as soon as possible. There is nothing to lose here, flu and headaches are already too irritating to even think of.

I know it’s hard. Today I asked my Dad to wear a beanie and sweater when he was going out for Fajar salat. I insisted for 5 whole minutes until he started to laugh. Oh well I’ll unleash my marketing persuasion expertise next time.  So what are your shields against WINT... Achoo....! WINTCREEPS?