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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Just get along...

Ever faced that awkward moment when you try to fix one thing but end up ruining ten other things? So much so that it starts to make you question all of your recent decisions. It becomes a chain of catastrophic reactions. Hence you are left with only two options; one: Run all over the place, screaming. Two: Sit back and watch it all collapse. Later one being the wiser option as it saves a total waste of energy. However it won’t be any productive for you. So maybe I am being wise lately.

Then in desperation you start to look for that one person you mess it up all for. Most likely that person would shut you out as always. We get used to of the pattern, don’t we? Beautiful truth that they keep talking about like some kind of mysterious, insightful, sophisticated geniuses is far from the dreadful distressing truth you get to live on the daily.
You wait by their door for days like a sad dog making all annoying sad sounds, begging for attention. It’s depressing to see how people treat you worst than a dog for you are not an animal after all. You are complex, egoist, selfish, strange thing that deserves to be left alone at times. Then this pattern becomes a routine, they keep doing it, you keep surviving it. If you don’t survive it, then that dog finds a better owner. If you can survive it then they probably condition you to it. Either way you can’t break the system as long as you are trying to be wise. For you know you’d be fooling yourself if you think this pattern would change for any better with other people.

Somehow punishments get easier once you accept that you deserve them. That acceptance may help you survive but it kills something else inside you. Oh well it’s not about you, is it? They know the dog isn’t going anywhere and being a guilty human you’d act far better than that.
That awkward moment when you try to explain things to them in your own artistic peculiar ways and they are like “I ain’t got no time for that!”
There’s no time for riddles and games as long as they didn’t design them.

No matter how unfair it may appear sometimes, just get along, it will go like it’s supposed to.