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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Addiction: It's Haram...!

In an attempt to ‘GO GREEN’ I decided to replace morning tea with green-tea. By the evening I could literally feel a crazy Giant walking around in my head. Stumbling on my way to the kitchen like a drug addict I heard the phone ring. It was my sister; the more she talks the worse my head pound. In between the stomps I struggled to grasp and reply to whatever she asked.

I like tea that tastes a little bitter. So that you really feel your tiredness wash away on every sip. Yep caffeine and I have a past, had to stay up every exams night for good grades. Did I mention ‘primary school exams’?
 It’s weird when I offer kids a cup of tea and they shake their heads in negative. Well at least caffeine addiction is less harmful than the addiction of social media. That makes you take pictures of every meal instead of eating it. Anyway the real bad caffeine addiction is when a person like me is introduced to energy drinks!

It took them only two free energy drinks on alternative days to get me hooked on it. A well known company that hits every university to supply free energy drinks to cast the magic spell. Energy drink is a bad addiction in so many ways. Worse is when you have to cut on your expenses to afford it on daily basis. Yes Daily basis! For a long journey home it was Spinach for Popeye. 
On other hand my friends would slap me with a long list of side effects regularly. Like ‘It’s bad for health, especially women blah blah blah…’ 

Never considered it until one of our professor discussed the “effects”. Actually he knew an easy way; he said it’s Haram in a very, very, VERY convincing way. I didn’t believe it. Yet all that guilt of drinking something that might be Haram, kept me from looking it up on Google.
Surely the unavoidable dreadful several stages of SEPERATION did sneak up on me. Expect that obsession fades away faster when you have a better substitute. Even if it’s Halal any addiction that costs your health and tons of money, is BAD. Let’s stick to our cup of MASALA CHAI for at least we know what’s in it.