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Short Story: Shadow

Written by Tayyaba Aziz & Saqib Hussain   After 30 minutes of struggling to focus on work, Moosa finally gave up. He stumbled in hi...

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Sometimes we find ourselves living so many different lives at the same time. For myself I can say I have lived many fairytales. Funny how none of them had a happy ending but still there is no end to it. When you lose track of what’s real and what’s not, just remember there is not much difference. In this life the most real things would end like a dream, whereas most ridiculous dreams might turn into grave realities. The good part is nothing will stay the same.  It’s versatile; it keeps changing from one form to another.

Change is good. It helps you learn, understand and see more than you ever did. Guides you to discover yourself and what you desire to be. No matter how rough and despised but allows you endless possibilities simultaneously. It grows you to be countless different versions of yourself. You become this unpredictable person who knows more and trusts less. The one who holds several little parts of failures and heartbreaks weaved into one unmatched personality. It breaks you down, only to build a better you again.