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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Why you need to Workout: A Whole New Picture

I see these girls standing there in the hallway with sad faces. Then I looked around the crowded place to find smiles, I found none. There was only stress, depressions, and anxiety on every face. All these people carried burdens of hatred and jealousy for others, quite obvious from the way the talk to each other. The negativity around them is just too much to bear with. The aura is grave, dark and frightening as if it warns happiness to stay away. All of it is enough to destroy an innocent heart that smiles. I am not here to judge I know life today is rough. The inflation monster has harmed all and the other 95% of the problems that a child is born with in this country. All I am here to tell you is, you still have that 5% of the deal to be happy about.

Despite all these problems you can still be happy it’s about time we take baby steps out of this demon. So to get rid of the negativity you have to start from the core. First you need to build yourself to build everyone around you. A ten minutes workout a day would do you good more than you can ever estimate. No matter how hectic your schedule may be just ten minutes for your health. There is no chance of an excuse.  There will be a little resistance in the start by you mind. Motivate yourself mentally it’s all the mind game. Once your mind is ready to accept this new challenge then make it a habit by adopting it as a lifestyle.
Most of the people I talk to are like hey I am not fat why should I exercise?  Change this old fashioned narrow perception. Workouts are not only to lose weight they are to nourish and strengthen your body, mind and soul. A skinny person with a bad temper needs to exercise more desperately than a fat person does.

Workouts would not only bring all the health benefits or the social appreciation or how it makes you ready to take over the world. I tell you a whole new of the story. Workouts make you beautiful on the inside and this beauty is the positivity that brings along all the happiness. It ignites a light so irresistibly hard to ignore and I’m not talking about the physical charm here. That is a plus too though. What I meant is it creates tolerance of accepting others just as they are, giving others the space to learn and grow. Make you see a new perspective of every situation. To see the bigger and the brighter picture that was out of sight when you were frustrated and depressed.

Positivity that comes with exercise would make you see that this life provides endless opportunities to make your own adventures in your own best ways. The sinful damaging acid that eats you up called jealousy would be gone. I don’t have time for hating others for their accomplishments; I’m too busy making my own. You would learn to appreciate others for their achievements.
As they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This world would become a beautiful place when you yourself are free and beautiful. Let go of this burden that holds you down to the ground. After every workout you would appreciate yourself. Discover a whole new level of your tolerance and stamina, a whole new meaning to life. Let it bring out the best in you. So are you working out to meet a better you?