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Monday, 8 September 2014


Google says Depression means a long and severe recession in an economy or market. Oops that’s not the definition we were looking for… Depression is a severe typically prolonged, feelings of despondency and dejection.
Now here is my definition of it, depression means you are HUMAN, that’s all.

First Aid comes from YOU!
It transforms fast, changing color, shape, size, pace, duration but Depression stays with you like a big fat greedy blood sucking leech. You learn to get along with the anxiety so well that you start to like it. Then you don’t want to get out of it as you become friends with your demons. The hardest part is: people in depression don’t want to be saved! Acknowledge that you can only be saved when you are ready to accept the change.
So no matter how hard your loved ones try to help, initially you would have to decide whose side are you on.

Don’t Panic
Most people think depression would eventually kill them, to be honest people who are depressed won’t get anything RIGHT, and that includes planning a suicide. Trust me you only end up discovering pretty dumb ways to die. I would swallow a bubblegum and hope it would stick inside my stomach entirely paralyzing all my body organs to function effectively. Thus would lead to a peaceful sudden death without a proof. I tried that in school a day before my Physics Exam.

 Avoid Pills
Never depend on antidepressants even if someone recommends them to you. Throw it back in their face and tell them you’d grow out of it on your own. Antidepressants only stop the messed up suicidal thoughts and sorrow by numbing your heart. As a result your heart won’t be able to get out of this trauma if you won’t let it fight through.

External Help
Depression only is a phase of life where you find yourself surrounded by negativity. The answer is right there if you read between the lines. The answer is POSITIVITY. I know it’s hard to stay positive when the whole world is against you including you yourself. It is simply the disconnection with your Soul and all the panic caused by the staunch urge for re-connection.
Therefore stay with people who are positive, who make you happy. Indulge yourself into fun filled constructive activities that keep you on your toes with enthusiasm. Dig you way back to the light that resides inside of you.

I hope you find your own hilarious dumb ways to die and have a fun filled crazy ride out of the depression. Let me know your side of the story and how you enjoy creativity along the way. However in the time of crisis, don’t try the ridiculous Bubblegum Suicide. IT DOESN'T WORK!