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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Reality: You Sure you can Face it?

All the wise words you hear on news, T.V shows or movies are just words yet they have enormous unconscious impact. You can be blindly optimistic if you think it helps you through hell, but let’s be real for a day. The old Bollywood cliche of unconditional true love, of tradition, ethics, culture, and the list goes on… If you look close Bollywood influence is weaved so deep into our skin that it’s unavoidable to perceive life otherwise.
These philosophies were not built in a day, but went through a long tiring construction process over time. Unfortunately when they hit reality these beliefs end up as nothing more than shattered tiny piece of glass. The glass we deemed the world through with all this time, never actually existed.

You talk about being real, relying on overworked phrases that love can’t be bought, or it lies in the heart. Life will keep on proving you wrong until you get it right. Yes the material is everything, yes the looks does matter, and yes the demon wins here.
Think the complete opposite of all you hear today, and you get it right. Free yourself from the fake beliefs as they are just way too heavy to walk ahead with. Whatever you were told about yourself, emotions, life, and heart is a fool’s trap. On the other hand you can trip over the same rock over and over again if you think it’s still fun.

You were NOT designed to fail. You were to rise above, to let go, to grow, to win, and to conquer. You were given intelligence not to lose yourself in to the tricks of the society that mislead you from the purpose of your existence.
The thirst for knowledge is legit and innate it would NOT be quenched through the works of art of the amazing society. It is the search for the limitless, timeless, as its own self. No wise words can make you hit the right road. Pay attention on your basic instinct as the soul is part of something greater. Sadly it gets buried under the temporary desires and over expectations in haste.

If the fighter gives up the struggle then they lose their own identity. Funny how you don’t even care to put up a fight to save yourself or the people who matter. What if the so called society made signs of affection, life, values, were not worth the price you pay?! What if your life’s purpose was greater than the Big Car, Big House or the Big NAME? Would you want to die with the thirst so great that your soul itself HATES you when it’s torn out of your body?